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MINUTES -Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Student Union Board of Governors

Attendance:  S. Lamont, M. Shedd, L. Gargamelli, J. Walsh, R. Edison, S. 
Vial, D. Orloske, R. Schneeweiss, D. Ross, R. Campbell, J. Kaufman, H. 
Palmer, C. McCabe, D. Sarro, A. Balkun    Guest:  P. Sutera

Meeting was called to order by Ms. Lamont at 4:07 p.m. in the Ballroom 
Annex of the Student Center.

Ms. Lamont asked for people to introduce themselves as there were a number 
of new members present.

Ms. Lamont then asked for committee reports.

Program Council
Ms. Shedd gave the Program Council report elaborating on her written report 
and emphasizing the upcoming events through the month of October. 

House Committee
Ms. Gargamelli reported that there had not been any business submitted to 
the committee and hence had no reason to meet this month.  Ms. Lamont did 
indicate she had gotten a last minute request to keep the building open 
until 2:00 a.m. on Friday, November 21, for a dance.   When asked for his 
input, Mr. Orloske indicated that no action was need by the Board in this 
matter as he had been empowered by the Board to approve late closings on 
Friday nights until 2:00 a.m. and does so on a routine basis.

Budget Committee
Mr. Campbell reported the committee had been busy and was working with 
Program Council to develop a standard financial reporting system which the 
Council would use to prepare monthly financial statements for the Board to 
review.  He said they were enthusiastic and felt it should be in place by 
the next meeting of the Board.

Mr. Campbell also reported that at their meeting on October 13 the 
committee reviewed a proposal that would alter the University's current 
practice of charging a 15% overhead to the Student Activities Account.  The 
proposal was to ask the University to absorb the overhead by raising the 
General Fee by about $8.  This would put the administrative cost covered by 
the overhead with all of the other administrative costs now paid for by the 
General Fee.  This would provide all organizations that receive Student 
Activities Funds an immediate 15% increase in their budgets to provide 
programs and services to the students.  As an alternative, the proposal 
called for the Student Activities Fees to be raised by an amount to cover 
the 15% overhead charge so that the net effect of a 15% increase in 
available funding would be achieved.  In the case of the SUBOG, this would 
entail requesting that the Program Council and the Leadership Development 
and Cultural Programming Fees be raised by this amount.  Mr. Campbell 
indicated that the committee was recommending approval.  He indicated that 
swift action was needed as the BOT would be voting on this issue at their 
next meeting.

Dean Ross clarified the issues by giving an historical perspective on the 
overhead fee and also supported the notion that costs covered by it were 
better managed under the General Fee and concern about the negative impact 
failure to get the charge would have on Student Activities.

        MOTION:  (Campbell/Walsh)  To recommend that the University drop 
the practice of charging a 15% overhead on the Student Activities Fees and 
instead raise the General Fee by about $8 to cover the expenses currently 
paid for by the overhead charge.  If this is not acceptable to the Board of 
Trustees, to recommend that the Student Activities Fees that goes to the 
Program Council and to fund Student Leadership Development and Cultural 
Programs, be raised by a sufficient amount to offset the 15% overhead 
charge made by the University for administrative expenses.

        MOTION PASSED ( 12-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstained)      SUBOG 97-21

Student Services Committee
Ms. Kaufman reported that Mr. Kosienski, the Devil's Den Manager, attended 
their meeting on October 13 and discussed issues relating to the Den's 
operation.  Issue of staffing at lunch, closing procedures and possible 
special menu items during Passover were discussed.  

Ms. Kaufman also indicated the committee planned to continue with the 
Commuter Coffee that was so popular last year.  Plans include distribution 
of the Commuter Newsletter, and Mr. Kosienski had agreed to assist in 
providing some coffee.  Ms. Kaufman asked members to volunteer to staff the 
coffee table when asked as she felt it was a good way for members to get 
direct input from commuters about their needs.

Ms. Lamont then went to old business and brought the name correction 
changes to the SUBOG Constitution, read at the last meeting, to the floor 
for a vote.  Dean Ross asked Mr. Orloske if any of the changes were in 
anyway substantive and Mr. Orloske assured the Board that they only made 
corrections to the document that were needed due to title changes or 
department name changes over the last 8 -10 years.

        MOTION:  (Shedd/Campbell) To accept the changes in names and titles 
in the SUBOG Constitution as proposed.

        MOTION PASSED (13-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 97-22

Ms. Lamont reported on her decline of a request from the Pep Dancers to 
extend hours on Thursday, October 16, for a dance.  She said as it was late 
and would come only two days before the dance, it would be inappropriate to 
vote on at this meeting.  She reported she had consulted with the House 
Chair and the SCOES Director and based her decision on Friday being a 
"reading day" and it would not support the academic nature of the day by 
allowing the dance to go until 2:00 a.m. 

Open Floor
Ms. Lamont reported she had arranged for Ms. Daniels, one of the Graduate 
Interns, to conduct an introduction to parliamentary procedure.  She 
invited members to attended so they would have a better understanding of 
the format under which the Board meetings were conducted.  Ms. Vial asked 
if faculty could attend as she knew some who would be interested.  Ms. 
Lamont said she did not think that would be a problem unless the numbers 
became greater than the room could hold.  She said it would be in about two 
weeks at 3:30 p.m. so more students could attend.

Mr. Orloske reported the Student Center Addition Project was to initiate at 
the end of October or the first week in November as the contract with the 
architect had to be signed by the Attorney General's Office.  He reported 
that after their initial meeting a 5 week intensive predesign process would 
occur at the end of which we would have a good idea of exactly what was 
going to be in the new and renovated facility and how it would be laid out. 
 He said he would report back at the November meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary



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