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MINUTES - THURSDAY, October 17, 1996

Student Union Board of Governors

Present:  A. Clayton, C. Corbett, J. Glen, W. Henderson, T. Kiernan, 
          S. Minnerly, M. Moylan, D. Orloske, D. Peterson, D. Ross, 
          K. Rossitto, R. Schneeweiss, S. Vial, D. Wall, C. West (chair)
Guests: J. Kawamoto
Ms. West (chair) called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.  The first  order 
of business was to ratify  new members. 
        MOTION (M. Moylan/T. Kiernan) To ratify Mr. James Glen as the 
        person who will hold the special interest seat (multicultural) for 

Mr. Glen was introduced; he is a member of the African Studies Club.

Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-25)

Mr. Rossitto, chair of the House Committee, then gave the committee's 

        MOTION (K. Rossitto/S. Vial)  To replace three typewriters in Typos 
        with three Macintosh computers.

Discussion:  Board reviewed a proposal written by Mr. Mamed 
concerning this equipment replacement.  There was a strong feeling this was 
a very appropriate action and that the number of computers ought, possibly, 
be greater.  Advice was given to use the software program Fool Proof to 
protect the Macintoshes.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-26)

        MOTION (K. Rossitto/S. Vial)  To change the name of Typos to 

Discussion:  Continued review of Mr. Mamed's proposal.  Questions 
were also raised concerning a possible copyright infringement of the name 

Motion passed (10 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-27)

        MOTION (K. Rossitto/C. Corbett)  To allow the installation of the 
        Information Center (electronic news and advertising board sponsored by 
        Campus Information Services) in the Devil's Den.
Discussion:  The board considered the attributes of this project.  
There is a five-year commitment to have the board in the Student Center as 
well as a $10,000 income.  Campus Information Services is to pay the 
Student Center $2,000 annually.  Furthermore, the Student Center will 
receive free eight 5" x 4" spaces on the board for use as we desire.  
Spaces will be allocated through a process designed by the House Committee.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-28)

Mr. Rossitto continued by offering a request by Ms. Jean Alicandro.

        MOTION (K. Rossitto/A. Clayton)  That the Student Center be open 
        for extended hours to 1:00 a.m. the weekend of Friday, November 22, 
        and Saturday, November 23.

Discussion:  This request is made in keeping with an effort to 
identify one weekend a month for some special programs.  Breakers, the 
Ballroom, and Semesters will be available.
Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-29)

Ms. Kiernan's proposal to reassign a bulletin board in the North Hallway 
was considered next.

        MOTION (K. Rossitto/T. Kiernan)  To reassign the bulletin board 
        adjacent to the Program Council office to Program Council and to 
        label it, appropriately.

Discussion:  It was noted there are currently three bulletin boards 
labeled "Campus Activities" and sufficient space will remain for 
campus-wide postings.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-30)

Mr. Rossitto spoke of the goals the House Committee wishes to commit to for 
the 1996-1997 year.  They are to 1) assess what needs to be improved in the 
Student Center by taking  a "field trip" through the building; and 2) to 
have the opportunity for input on the Student Center addition plans.

Mr. Wall, chair of the Budget Committee, then presented his committee's 
report.  Their goals for the year included: 1) being involved in the 
Program Council budget development process; and 2) to be more effective in 
the decisions that might cause greater expense or income to the Student 

        MOTION (D. Wall/K. Rossitto)  To approve action that would allow 
        the Student Center to enter into a contract with Campus Information 
        Services; furthermore, to accept the $10,000 income from the 
        installation of the Info Center in the Devil's Den.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-31)

        MOTION (D. Wall/K. Rossitto)  The income from the Info Center shall 
        be used to subsidize any losses on  weekend dances sponsored by 
        student organizations provided that the ticket prices are set up 
        in such a way that they are capable of making a profit or breaking 
        even; and, such organizations receive advisement concerning dances 
        by the Department of Student Activities/Leadership Development 
        staff. Subsidies will not exceed $300. 

Discussion:  The need for responsible and effective social 
programming was discussed. The Board thought the subsidy plan has merit and 
will be a good expenditure of the annual $2,000 income.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-32)

Mr. Wall submitted to Ms. West a request to allocate funds for a tree to 
commemorate the inauguration of President Richard L. Judd.

        MOTION (D. Wall/W. Henderson)  To allocate up to $800 from the 
        Program Council Reserve (account #994100) for a dogwood tree 
        and plaque to commemorate the inauguration of Dr. Richard L. Judd.

Discussion revolved about the location of the tree which will be 
planted near Memorial Hall.  Also discussed was the plaque.  The tree, a 
gift from the SUBOG, Program Council, and Student Government Association, 
will be dedicated on Friday, October 25, 1996.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-33)

        MOTION:  (S. Minnerly/D. Wall)  To approve an expenditure of 
        $12,000 from the Program Council Reserve (account #994100) to 
        the Music Committee (account #994525) for the purpose of 
        presenting a performance by Dave Matthews.

Discussion:  Ms. Kawamoto explained that because of long-range 
planning, a concert in December (A Tribe Called Quest) encumbered the 
Program Council Music Committee account; and only by creating this 
allocation could the Program Council proceed with bidding on Dave Matthews. 
In all likelihood, this request is a contingency plan.

Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-34)

Ms. West then called on Mr. Henderson, chair of the Student Services 
Committee, to give his committee's report.  Since the Student Services 
Committee has not met, yet, there was no report.

Ms. Kiernan, president of Program Council, gave the PC report.  Highlights 
of the month included two open mics, participation in Family Day/Sibling 
Sleepover, and Groucho's.  Ms. Kawamoto announced that on November 22, 
James Mapes will appear and A Tribe Called Quest will perform in concert on 
December 6.

In the discussion that Ms. West conducted on SUBOG 1996-1997 goals, the 
Board agreed to emphasize giving Daka food service input and reflection on 
an ongoing way, the encouragement of weekend programs, and the anticipated 
addition to the Student Center.

Those members of the SUBOG who attended the Association of College 
Unions-International (ACU-I) Region 1 Conference in Bridgewater, MA, then 
gave a report on their experience.  The report covered sessions attended, 
the opportunity to exchange ideas, and to have validated what we do at our 
Student Center.

Mr. Schneeweiss announced there would be a luncheon on October 24 for 
returning Student Center alumni who will be attending the inauguration of 
President Richard L. Judd.  SUBOG members are invited.

Mr. Henderson and Mr. Moylan suggested that we develop a history wall  
photographs of the SUBOG annual recognition dinner.  This was referred to 
the House Committee.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



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