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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, October 26, 2007, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  K. Barone (Chair), C. Bombria, C. Zohlman, J. Ceja, K. Fournier, M. Dwyer, S. Martinez,

J. Lalanne, C. DeLauretis, E.  Tuttle, S. Horrax, D. Macchiaroli, O. Mamed, S. Hazan, R. Bachoo,

J. DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti

Absent:  E. LaCombe, A. Spitko, I. Ceballos, D. Lynch, M. Garofalo, J. Higgins, M. Toston

Guests:  K. Poirier


Mr. Barone called the meeting to order promptly at 2:02 PM.  He welcomed all and asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be approved.  J. Ceja requested that he be placed on the House Committee as he was placed on the Student Services Committee in error.

MOTION (E. Tuttle/C. DeLauretis)                                                                    SUBOG 2008-10

To approve the minutes of the September 21, 2007, meeting as amended and attached

Motion Passed:   15-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

Mr. Barone then asked the Board to ratify two new members of SUBOG for the 2007-2008 year.

MOTION (J. Lalanne/S. Martinez)                                                                     SUBOG 2008-11

To approve C. Zohlman as an At-Large Member of CAN and S. Horrax as a Student Manager Representative for the SUBOG for 2007-2008

Motion Passed:   15-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

CAN Report

Ms. Bombria, President of CAN, presented the monthly report of activities produced by this subcommittee of the SUBOG.  Homecoming events were highlighted as a major effort for the month and events were well attended.  A prescreening of “Dan in Real Life” was held October 25 with 250 plus students in attendance.  Also noted was a list of upcoming events including films and a shopping trip!

Mosaic Committee

Mr. Martinez, Chair of the Mosaic Committee, reported verbally that his group has been working on upcoming events, including, a Cultural Film Festival on November 15 at 7 PM, location TBA.  Mosaic will also be sponsoring a Cultural Evening as part of the Devil’s Den 10 PM series on November 29.  They expect to show flags, have crafts, arts and games as part of the program.

House Committee

Mr. Tuttle presented the committee report on behalf of I. Ceballos.  The group was concerned about the condition of the floor in the Student Center.  Mr. Mamed indicated that the plan is to begin the work of removing the floor surface right after commencement in May and replace the surface with similar color carpeting.  The details of the materials to be used are still undetermined as well as the overall project time line.

Students expressed delight in the work being done to change and update the Mail Egg window location and the new service expected there.  The House Committee asked for the wreaths to be put back up again and is looking into other festive decorations that might be put on the building for other time periods during the year. 

The Committee requested that maps at the entrances of the building be updated and more appealing and visible.  Mr. Mamed will work on this with the Grad Intern and Student Design Staff.  Students inquired about LCD monitors being installed.  They are ordered and to be installed in the Student Center and around campus once a difficulty with video wiring is worked out according to Mr. Bachoo.

The House Committee has been asked to review student office space this year.  It had been on the agenda last year and we didn’t get to it but the Committee wants this to happen.  A review of efficiency of office use by clubs, other clubs’ office needs, and the lack of use of some space are the driving force behind this.  Mr. Bachoo indicated that the Facilities Planning Committee should be notified of this to assure division priorities.  (An inquiry after the meeting indicated that students feel that SUBOG should be in control here as this is a student funded building.)

The committee indicated that they would like to look into student art being incorporated into the building.  For example, senior Art majors having their art on display for a year after graduation.  Mr. Bachoo indicated that an art jury should be formed so vetting of pieces could be done before accepting the loans.

Last, the committee is working on language to be added to the constitution on community standards for the Student Center and general editing of the document as well.  A rough draft was read, which was well received by many.

Student Services Committee Report

Ms. Fournier reported that the group met and discussed running Commuter Coffee programs again this year.  Commuter Coffees are to help inform the commuting population about different service offices on campus and mostly to inform them about Student Center services and what SUBOG is and can do for them as a group.  Campus offices are invited to participate by sending materials or by sending a representative to be available at the tables where the coffee is served.  Resident students are invited to participate, and volunteers should contact Kelley for times to sit at the table.  O. Mamed suggested that on better weather days maybe an outdoor table would be a good idea.  Dates set so far are November 27 and December 11.

Budget Committee Report

This committee did not meet this month.  Mr. Mamed indicated that there is a balance of approximately $48,000 after the spending of the previous meeting.  A motion to support the Commuter Coffee was offered. 

MOTION (K. Fournier /J. Lalanne)                                                                    SUBOG 2008-12

To approve the allocation of up to $900 for Commuter Coffee refreshments from SBG900

Motion Passed:  17-Yes         0-No                0-Abstained

A motion was made to support the promotion of SUBOG and Student Center services by purchasing various items.

MOTION (C. DeLauretis/S. Hazan)                                                                   SUBOG 2008-13

To approve the allocation of up to $3,000 for promotional items for SUBOG and the Student Center

Motion Passed:  16-Yes         0-No                1-Abstained

A motion was made to support the Student Center’s Red Cross Bloodmobiles for the year.  This is a long standing tradition for the Student Center since 1964 (see attached).

MOTION (M. Dwyer/C. DeLauretis)                                                                  SUBOG 2008-14

To approve the allocation of up to $1,000 from SBG900 to provide refreshments for volunteers at the Bloodmobile programs this year

Motion Passed:  17-Yes         0-No                0-Abstained

New Business
The Board discussed the lack of free newspapers on campus.  Last year SGA funded the USA Today/New York Times program, and it is understood that they are again considering funding this program for spring 2008.  There are newspapers for students to borrow at the lending library of the Information Desk of the Student Center including: The Herald, New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Daily News, Boston Herald, and the Boston Globe.  It was suggested that maybe SUBOG should NOT seek a free Hartford Courant program as they have NEVER been friendly to the efforts of CCSU or CSU with regard to funding, such as the bond issue recently.  It was requested that the Student Services Committee look into this issue and provide feedback at the next Board meeting.


-       Family Day is this weekend.  Enjoy the events!

-       Door Decorating is coming.  Sign a team up!

-       Students who will be going to the ACUI Conference were announced. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2007-2008