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MINUTES - Thursday, September 24, 1998

Student Union Board of Governors

Present: R. Campbell (Chair), N. Clark, M. Favara, L. Gargamelli,  
V. Hayes, K. Jackson, K. Moore, D. Orloske, J. Palasek, A. Portilla, 
S. Rich, D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, J. Silberman, J. Zytka

Guest:  J. “Tank” Floyd

Mr. Campbell (Chair)  called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.  
After welcoming the new 1998-99 SUBOG, he asked each of the 
members to introduce themselves.

Mr. Campbell asked for a motion to ratify new members to the Board.

    MOTION (N. Clark/L. Gargamelli)  To ratify the following people 
    as 1998-99 members of the SUBOG:

		Victor Hayes	Inter-Residence Council Representative
		Kia Jackson	Student Government Association Representative
		Angie Portilla	Student Government Association Representative
		Luisa Calabrese	Student Center Assistant Representative
		Marc Favara	Student Center Assistant Representative
		Jason Zytka	Student Center Assistant Representative

Motion passed (7 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)	(SUBOG 98-15)

    MOTION (N. Clark/L. Gargamelli)  To ratify Ms. Jennifer Silberman 
    as Graduate Student Association Representative for the 1998-99 
    academic year.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)		(SUBOG 98-16)

After a brief description of each of the Board committees, the members 
were asked to indicate their priority as to the committee on which 
they wished to serve.

Ms. Gargamelli (PC Climax Executive) gave the Program Council (PC) 
report on behalf of Ms. Shari Lamont, president of PC, who was not 
present.  The highlights outlined included a very successful First 
Week with 300-plus people attending a screening of Grease  and a 
“sold out” crowd at the Scott Paparcuri comedy show.  Planning 
is underway for Autumn Explosion Weekend in October.  The first 
general meeting of the PC was quite successful with 50-plus people 
in attendance.

Ms. Gargamelli then put forth the following motion: 

    MOTION (L. Gargamelli/N. Clark)  That these individuals be ratified 
    for the following PC positions for the 1998-99 academic year:

		Dawn Geraci	PC Community Adventures Executive 
		Adam Lansing	PC Central Cinema Executive
		Karyn Moore	PC Secretary
		Sandy Ribeiro	PC Treasurer

Motion passed (14 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)		(SUBOG 98-17)

Mr. Orloske then reported on the status of the Student Center 
addition.  He announced that 8.2 million dollars for the addition had 
been secured and that the project goes forward with a true level of 
excitement.  The Student Center will close in May 1999 and will reopen in 
August 2001.  He spoke of efforts to relocate all offices in North Hall and 
services in appropriate locations all over campus.  Billiard tables were a 
particular concern.

Mr. Campbell asked each of the Board members to return next month with a 
goal that the SUBOG might consider for the 1998-99 year.

Mr. Campbell announced that he would be attending the regional conference 
of the Association of College Unions International at the University of 
Rhode Island the weekend of October 16-18.

Under General Discussion, it was decided that the 1998-99 Special Interest 
Seats be held by individuals representing Media, Tenant, International 
Student, and Multicultural.  An ad hoc committee will make recommendations 
on who these individuals should be.  The Committee is staffed by Ms. Clark, 
Ms. Silberman, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Schneeweiss.

David Ross spoke of the excellent job Mr. Orloske has done in securing the 
necessary funding for the Student Center addition.  The Board was most 
pleased to hear this praise.

The next meeting will be Thursday, October 29, 1998, at 5:00 p.m. in the 
Student Center North Room. 

Seeing  no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG


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