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MINUTES - THURSDAY, September 19, 1996

Student Union Board of Governors

Present: M. Burrows, A. Clayton, W. Henderson, S. Kamani, T. Kiernan, 
         S. Lamont, R. Maloney, S. Minnerly, M. Moylan, D. Orloske, 
         D. Peterson, D. Ross, K. Rossitto, R. Schneeweiss, M. Shedd, 
         D. Wall, C. West (chair)
Guests: E. Rowles 
Ms. West (chair) called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.  After welcoming 
the returning Board members, she called for a motion to ratify the new 
members of the 1996-97 SUBOG. 

        MOTION (T.Kiernan/D. Peterson) To ratify the following individuals 
        as members of the 1996-97 SUBOG. 
        Martin Burrows  Graduate Student Association Representative
        Ryan Maloney    Inter-Residence Council Representative
        Walter Henderson        Office Assistant Representative
        Michael Moylan  Office Assistant Representative
        Kevin Rossitto  Office Assistant Representative
        Shari Lamont    Program Council at-large Member
        Scott Minnerly  Program Council at-large Member
        Melinda Shedd   Program Council at-large Member
        David Wall      Program Council at-large Member
        Alice Clayton   Special Interest Seat-Tenant
        Sameer Kamani   Special Interest Seat-International Student     

Motion passed (4 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)      (SUBOG 96-20)

Ms. West then described the three committees of the SUBOG, announced that 
Mr. Rossitto would be chair of the House Committee, and that the other two 
committees need chairs.  Interested persons should contact Ms. West.  
Committee assignments were later announced.

        House   		Budget  		Student Services
        Alice Clayton   Mike Moylan     Martin Burrows
        Sameer Kamani   Dave Wall       Walt Henderson
        Tara Kiernan    Shari Lamont
        Kevin Rossitto, Chair           Scott Minnerly
                        Mindy Shedd

Staff and faculty assignments will follow.

        MOTION (M. Moylan/K. Rossitto)  To approve Alpha Phi Omega's 
        request to hold a Swing-A-Thon on the front lawn of the Student Center, 
        October 6-11, 1996.

Motion passed (15 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-21)

        MOTION (M. Shedd/T. Kiernan)  To approve request for late closing 
        on October 24, 1996.  Discussion of Homecoming event, All-Star Dynamite 
        Disco Revue, and how program is delayed by events earlier in the day 
        associated with the presidential inauguration.

Motion passed (15 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-22)

        MOTION (M. Moylan/M. Shedd)  To approve from the Program Council 
        Reserve account #994100 a payment ($100 for Social Work scholarship 
        account #992460 and $400 to the Leadership Training account #994640).

Ms. Susan Sweeney sent Ms. West a memo explaining this request.  Dr. 
Barbara Sosnowitz was the recipient of a $500 award for the Department of 
Higher Education.  The money was received too late in the year for it to be 
used; therefore, the $500 was "banked" in Leadership Training and reverted 
to the Program Council reserve at the end of the fiscal year.  This motion 
is a bookkeeping procedure to return the $500 to the accounts and projects 
Dr. Sosnowitz wished.

Motion passed (15 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-23)

Ms. Kiernan then presented the Program Council report.  Of particular note 
was a very successful First Week.  The annual fireworks had an estimated 
1700 persons in attendance, and the "Mission:  First Week" had significant 
participation.  The scavenger hunt created some genuine interest and public 
relations for the Program Council.

The Program Council goals for the year are:  steady weekend programming, 
filling all open coordinator and executive positions, and becoming more 
involved with other clubs and organizations on campus.

        MOTION (T. Kiernan/D. Orloske)  To approve from the Program Council 
        Reserve account #994640 past period payments:   Spring Week Snapple bill, 
        $2099.50; Billy Joel Advocate ad, $605.00; Oxford Debate posters, $66.37; 
        Clockers (shipping), $50.00; and potential Fugees' refunds, $1008.00; a 
        total of $3828.87.
Motion passed (15 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 96-24)

Mr. Orloske then reported on the progress of the plans for the expansion of 
the Student Center.  An architect will be selected in January 1997 with the 
expectation of a ground breaking in fall of 1997.

Committees were asked to review the SUBOG constitution and the Association 
of College Unions International (ACUI) as aids in developing goals for their 
area for the 1996-97 year.

Announcements were made concerning the ACU-I Region 1 Conference, the 
president's inauguration, and the scheduled SUBOG meeting  Thursday, 
October 17, 6:00 p.m.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



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