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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, September 21, 2007, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  K. Barone (Chair), J. Ceja, K. Fournier, I. Ceballos, M. Dwyer, S. Martinez, J. Lalanne,
C. DeLauretis, E.  Tuttle, O. Mamed, S. Hazan, J. DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti, M. Garofalo

Absent:  C. Bombria, E. LaCombe, A. Spitko, D. Lynch, D. Macchiaroli, J. Higgins, M. Toston, R. Bachoo 

Guests:  A. Estrom, V. Ginter, S. Horrax, M. Kenney, L. Lewis, D. McGraw, T. Moffo, K. Poirier

Mr. Barone called the meeting to order at 2:07 PM.  He welcomed all and asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be approved. 

MOTION (J. Ceja/C. DeLauretis)                                                                          SUBOG 2008-01

To approve the minutes of the May 11, 2007, meeting as attached

Motion Passed:   8-Yes           0-No                 0-Abstained

Mr. Barone then asked the Board to ratify new membership of SUBOG for the 2007-2008 year.

MOTION (S. Hazan/E. Tuttle)                                                                              SUBOG 2008-02  

To approve I. Ceballos, Commuter Rep; M. Dwyer, IRC Rep; M. Tomasino, IRC Alt; J. Lalanne, New Student Rep; C. DeLauretis, Club Rep; J. DiPlacido, Faculty Rep 

Motion Passed:   8-Yes           0-No                 0-Abstained

Chair Barone then asked the Board members to break up into groups to form the Budget, House, and Student Services Committees.  These groups discussed possible goals for the year and chose the Chair for each group at that time.  Chairs should call a meeting before the next full board meeting.  The results are:

Budget:  J. Lalanne (Chair), C. DeLauretis, M. Dwyer, J DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti

House:   I. Ceballos (Chair), S. Martinez, E. Tuttle

Student Services:   K. Fournier (Chair) J. Ceja, M. Garofalo, S. Hazan

Mr. Barone requested that the Board verify the meeting dates and commit to them for the 2007-2008 year.

MOTION (J. Lalanne/K. Fournier)                                                                        SUBOG 2008-03  

10/26/07, 11/30, 2/8/08, 3/7, 4/11, 5/2, all Fridays at 2:00 PM in the 1849 Room

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 0-Abstained

CAN Report
D. McGraw Graduate Intern in the SA/LD Department presented the CAN Report.  CAN presented a number of events during Welcome Week and during the first month of the school year.  These well attended events included a Welcome Week Carnival, Magician, New Student Reception, an Open Mic Night, Films Series, Outdoor Movie, a Game Show and Stoplight BBQ.  They also supported the SA/LD Club Fair by attending and recruiting members.  A written report will be provided. 

Mosaic Committee
S. Martinez presented his report and indicated that the committee had approximately 12 members now.  He shared a printed report listing planned programs. 

House Committee
Since this committee was just formed, O. Mamed presented a request for a change in operating hours for the Student Center along with a request for support from the Devil’s Den 10 PM Committee of the Student Affairs Office.  Basically, as a goal this year to do something better and more attuned to the needs of the students, Student Center Operations offered to regularly schedule the Student Center as open until 1 AM on (Friday) Thursday nights and NOT open until Noon on Sundays.  This decision was made based on the request of the Devil’s Den 10 PM Committee and the presentation of V. Ginter from the Counseling and Wellness Center and the lack of traffic or need on Sunday mornings.  It just made sense in terms of student need, budget, and working smarter. 

MOTION (G. Gigliotti/S. Hazan)                                                                           SUBOG 2008-04

To approve the DD10PM Committee Program and to change the operating hours of the Student Center to 7 AM – 1 AM (Friday) Thursday nights and Noon – 11 PM on Sundays

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 1-Abstained

Student Services Committee Report

Budget Committee Report
The Board then went on to consider requests made by students and staff for funding.  Many of these requests were considered to be annual in nature.  The current SUBOG 900 account has approximately $53,000.00 in it which is the result of student spending through vending machines in the Student Center.  This money goes directly back to students for their use in programs. 

“Let’s Talk About It” is a program where students get to meet with the Student Center Director and other department directors on campus.  Students can speak about any topic including but not limited to… the Student Center.  This event occurs monthly in the Student Center Lobby, and SUBOG is given as a participant in the program through its financial support in food dollars.

MOTION (E. Tuttle/M. Garofalo)                                                                          SUBOG 2008-05  

To approve the allocation of up to $900 from SBG900 to provide refreshments for students at the “Let’s Talk About It” program this year

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 1-Abstained

The Board then considered the allocation of funds in support of its own program, the annual Door Decorating Contest.   Each late fall, student clubs and teams decorate the doors in the Student Center for the month of December.  This is not a holiday theme program, but holiday decorations are often part of the scenery. 

MOTION (C. DeLauretis/K. Fournier)                                                                    SUBOG 2008-06  

To approve the allocation of up to $500 to support the annual Door Decorating Contest

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 0-Abstained

The Breakers Game Room holds a variety of events each year including tournaments, game nights, sports theme nights and TV viewing events.  They request financial support annually to provide prizes, refreshments and promotional items.  Breakers will also use this money to run some surveys with clients about local gaming and network gaming issues. 

MOTION (C. DeLauretis/G. Gigliotti)                                                                     SUBOG 2008-07

To approve the allocation of up to $6,500 from SBG 900 for Breakers’ events

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 0-Abstained

The Board considered the request to support their own ongoing Holiday Social and Recognition Programs.  Both programs recognize the contributions of volunteers and employees in The Student Center and Student Activities/Leadership Development Departments as well as all of our tenants.

MOTION (C. DeLauretis, E. Tuttle)                                                                       SUBOG 2008-08

To approve the allocation of up to $6,000 from SBG 900 to support the recognition programs of SUBOG

Motion Passed:   14-Yes         0-No                 0-Abstained

Annually the Board sends a group of students to the Region 1 Conference of the Association of College Unions International.  This conference allows students to learn about how other college unions are managed and to share information about programs, operations, management, and employee programs with their peers at other institutions.  A request to send students was proposed, along with a separate proposal to fund purchasing branded CCSU gear for the Silent Auction which generates scholarship funds for students.

MOTION (J. Ceja/S. Martinez)                                                                            SUBOG 2008-09

To approve the allocation of up to $3,100 from SBG900 to send students to the ACUI Regional Conference

Motion Passed:   13-Yes         0-No                 1-Abstained


MOTION (C. DeLauretis/K. Fournier)                                                                    SUBOG 2008-10

To approve the allocation of up to $200 to purchase CCSU Gear for the ACUI Silent Auction

Motion Passed:   13-Yes         0-No                 1-Abstained

Old Business
No old business.

New Business
The Recorder situation was discussed in detail by the SUBOG.  The group in general agreed that the latest editorial gaff reflected badly on CCSU, our students, and for this group, The Student Center, who by its mission, works toward creating community.  Some members suggested eviction, a reconsideration of office space allocation, charging the Recorder for time spent working on repairing all the damage they do to the campus community, requesting them to leave on their own, asking them to get sensitivity and diversity training, plus many more.   

The board decided that it would be important for them to make a statement to the Recorder and the CCSU community about how we feel and request that the Recorder take that into consideration when they make editorial decisions.  By consensus the Board agreed to meet at 2 PM on Monday September 24 and draft a statement.  (The SUBOG issued the statement attached to these minutes, for the record.) 


-       O. Mamed announced that the Student Center would be a trial site for the Sustainability Program the campus is implementing.  Barrels and containers for recycling are in the process of being distributed around the building.  Please recycle!

The meeting was adjourned at 4:52 PM.
Respectfully submitted, 

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2007-2008