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Student Union Board of Governors

Present:  A. Clayton, R. Edison, W. Henderson, S. Kamani, T. Kiernan, S. 
Lamont, M. Moylan, D. Orloske, A. Perlova, D. Peterson, D. Ross, R. 
Schneeweiss, P. Sutera, S. Vial, D. Wall, C. West (Chair)

Ms. West called the last meeting of the 1996-1997 academic year to order at 
6:33 p.m.

Ms. Clayton, chair of the House Committee, gave a report.  It was proposed 
that one-half of a bulletin board in the North Hall be assigned for 
Hispanic community concerns.  After some discussion concerning preserving 
general "posting" space, the motion was defeated.  This action was not 
intended to be a repudiation of the request but, rather, a need to examine 
all bulletin board space in a greater context.  This will be some of the 
work of the House Committee next year.

	MOTION (P. Sutera/M. Moylan)  That one-half of bulletin board in 
	the North Hall be assigned for Hispanic community concerns.

Motion defeated.

Mr. Henderson, chair of the Student Services Committee, reported on an 
attempt to have a meeting with DAKA.  Mr. Henderson suggested that a 
monthly meeting be pre-arranged.  He also reported on the successful 
commuter coffee series.

Mr. Wall then gave the Budget Committee report.

	MOTION (D. Wall/A. Clayton )  That a Leadership Training Reserve 
	account be established from the unused portion of the following accounts: 
	Leadership Weekends - #994620, Leadership Recognition - #994630, Leadership 
	Training Program - #994640, and Leadership Development Publications - #994650.

Discussion:  Mr. Schneeweiss explained that in previous years, the unused 
fee dollars identified for student development reverted to the Program 
Council Reserve.  The principle being  that development money should go to 
student development, and program money should go to event creation.

Motion passed (10 approved, 0 against, 1 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-11)

	MOTION (D. Wall/M. Moylan)  That $1,000 be transferred after July 
	1, 1997, from PC Reserve  #994100, to Summer Program  #994610.  Intent is 
	to produce annual summer programs.

Motion passed (8 approved, 2 against, 2 abstained)      (SUBOG 97-12)

	MOTION (A. Clayton/A. Perlova)  To accept the 1997-1998 Student 
	Activities/Leadership Development (SA/LD) budget as presented:
        Account Name                    Account No.     Amount Requested
        Leadership Weekends             994620          $ 2,300.00
        Leadership Recognition          994630            1,900.00
        Leadership Training Program     994640            3,471.50
        Leadership Development
          Publications                  994650            3,050.00
        Minority Events                 994660           15,926.00

Mr. Schneeweiss presented the budgets for the following accounts (see 

Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 1 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-13)

Mr. Wall, as chair of the Budget Committee, presented the Program Council 
budget for 1997-1998.

	MOTION (S. Lamont/A. Clayton)  To accept 1997-1998 Program Council 
	budget as presented:

                Committee       Account No.     Amount Requested
                Comedy          994600          $12,400.50
                Diversity       994510            5,500.00
                Film/Video      994570            5,989.00
                Fine Arts       994540            4,507.50
                Music           994525           19,460.00
                Recreation      994560            3,316.00
                Sidetracks      994520            8,050.00
                Special Events  994590           13,780.00
                Talks & Topics  994550            9,380.00
                Vice President/
                  Committees    994500            5,507.00

Mr. Wall, Mr. Schneeweiss, and Ms. Kiernan (president of Program Council) 
answered questions concerning the process by which the budget was 
developed, funding of weekend and evening events, and the promotion of 
music concerts.  Mr. Sutera had particular concern for the amount of money 
used to advertise concerts.

Motion passed (12 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-14)

Ms. Kiernan than gave the Program Council report.  She highlighted the 
successes of Spring Week including the Casino Night.  She thanked the 
Student Government Association for their generosity in helping fund this 
week.  The final Diversity Grants of the year were also given out in April 
to fund various events.

Ms. West then opened the floor to general discussion.  Mr. Orloske 
announced that an architectural firm had been chosen to design the building 
expansion.  Griener Associates in partnership with Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer 
Associates of New York have done other student unions and come highly 

The graduate intern search for the new interns has ended with offers being 
made and accepted by:
        Hannah Daniels          (University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England)
        Nestor Melendez         (SUNY  College at Oneonta, New York)
        Jennifer Silberman      (SUNY  College at Geneseo, New York)
        Paul Sutera             (CCSU )

Ms West then asked if there were any further nominations for the 1997-1998 
SUBOG chair.  Ms. Lamont's name had been placed in nomination at the April 
9 meeting; there were no other nominations.

Ms. Lamont spoke of her qualifications.  She was then elected as the SUBOG 
chair for 1997- 1998, unanimously.

Ms. Lamont then took over the gavel and recognized Ms. Clayton, who read 
the following motion:

	MOTION (M. Moylan/P. Sutera)  The Student Union Board of Governors 
	commends and thanks Ms. Crystal West for her service to the Board, first as 
	Program Council president for 1995-1996 and then as Board chair 1996-1997. 

Motion passed (14 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-15)

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



Last updated: June 10, 1997