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MINUTES - Thursday, April 2, 1998

Student Union Board of Governors

Attendance:  S. Lamont, L. Gargamelli, N. Clark, P. Sutera, J. Hartig, D. 
Orloske, D. Ross, R. Campbell, H. Palmer, J. Kaufman

Meeting was called to order at 5:48 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the 
Student Center by Chairperson Shari Lamont.

Committee Reports

Program Council
Ms. Gargamelli gave the Program Council report and highlighted upcoming 
events including a Casino Night on April 30, Recreation Committee trips to 
New York City to shop and visit Radio City.  Spring Week activities are 
being firmed up and people are looking forward to the annual Oxford Debate.

House Committee
Ms. Gargamelli reported that there was no new business presented to her so 
there was no need for a meeting this month.

Student Services
Mr. Hartig reported for the committee that they were making an effort to 
improve publicity and services available for the Giant Study Hall at the 
end of the semester.

Budget Committee
Mr. Campbell reported that the committee met on March 18, 1998, and 
discussed two proposals from Ms. Sweeney related to student activities 
initiatives that the committee was recommending approval.

The first related to a reallocation of the $2,000 fee that is received from 
the ad board in the Devils Den.  Originally the Board allocated these funds 
to be used to act as a safety net for organizations sponsoring dances.  To 
date, no dance has needed this support; and Ms. Sweeney had requested that 
the funds be made available to support weekend programming on campus.  It 
was proposed that a Weekend Programming Task Force be formed from student 
organizations to look into this issue, and the funds would be made 
available to them to use to support this effort.

	MOTION:  (Campbell/Palmer) To reallocate the $2,000 annual income 
	from the CIS ad board to a Weekend Programming Task Force, developed 
	by the Student Activities Office, for the purpose of supporting 
	weekend programs for the campus.  The Task Force is to report their 
	progress in this effort to the Board at its monthly meetings.

MOTION PASSED (7-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)                SUBOG 98-04

The second request was for an allocation of $6,000 from the Program Council 
Reserves to the Special Events Committee to fund portions of Spring Week.  
The loss from the Fiona Apple Concert has made this request necessary.

	MOTION:  (Campbell/Clark) To transfer $6,000 from the Program 
	Council Reserves to the Special Events Committee in order to 
	support the funding of Spring Week activities.

MOTION PASSED (7-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)                SUBOG 98-05

Mr. Campbell reported on the current balances of the Program Council 
accounts.  He indicated he was not able to get the information he needed to 
enter into the new spreadsheet he had developed to prepare a complete 
statement for the Board, but he is hoping to do so for the last meeting of 
the year.

Student Services
Ms. Lamont reported that although there was no meeting this month of the 
committee she was bringing forth a proposal from Ms. Sweeney, on behalf of 
student organizations.  The proposal was to request that a trophy case be 
incorporated into the renovation plans of the Student Center.  The case 
would be used to display awards that student clubs receive.  Primarily this 
might be athletic clubs but other awards, such as the one recently received 
by WFCS as Metal Station of the Year, could also be displayed.

	MOTION:  (Clark/Kaufman) To request that a trophy case be 
	incorporated into the design of the Student Center renovation 
	to be used to display awards received by student organizations.

MOTION PASSED (7-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)                SUBOG 98-06

Old Business

Ms. Lamont reported on the survey that was done on student organization 
office space needs.  She reported that all of the clubs that replied 
indicated that they primarily needed a place to work, make phone calls, and 
keep files.  They all indicated that they would be willing to share any 
space that was made available.  Mr. Sutera expressed concern on how any 
space in the renovated Student Center would be allocated or scheduled.  
This promoted Mr. Orloske to report on the status of the renovation plan.

Mr. Orloske indicated that the current plan had 1,200 sq. ft. allocated to 
clubs and organizations.  The current thinking was to have one large space 
that would be set up with soft walls and furniture to meet the needs of the 
clubs.  How this would be done would be part of the discussions to occur at 
an all-day workshop to be held on April 9 in the Ballroom Annex.  On that 
day the architects will be making three presentations on the design, open 
to the campus.  They will also be meeting with each of the tenant groups to 
go over plans for their spaces in the building as well as to get feedback 
on all of the "public" spaces.  Mr. Orloske invited and encouraged Board 
members to participate in the workshop so the architects would have as much 
feedback as possible.  He indicated that this phase of the design process 
is most important as it will determine the location, shape, and look of the 
building.  The next phase will involve much of the detail and tenants and 
others will have an opportunity to review these plans but major changes 
will not be as possible after this current phase.  

Ms. Lamont handed out a tentative schedule for the workshops.

Ms. Lamont indicated that she was calling a special meeting of the Board on 
April 16 in order for the Program Council to submit their new constitution 
for a reading.  This will allow for the Board to vote on the new structure 
at its last meeting of the year on April 30

Ms. Lamont then reported that at the last meeting of the year the Board was 
to elect its new chair.  After reading the needed qualifications for the 
position, she opened the floor for nominations.  Three nominations were 

Ms. Lamont nominated Bob Campbell
Mr. Sutera nominated Lisa Gargamelli
Mr. Sutera nominated Ron Edison

Ms. Lamont then indicated that nominations would remain open until the next 
meeting and encouraged nominees to run.

Open Floor

Ms. Palmer asked if anything was going to be done in response to the 
complaints made about the Blue Devil statue in the Devils Den.  Mr. Orloske 
said he was aware of the complaints; but as the complaint regarding the 
statues nudity was not made to him directly nor to any official of the 
Board, he did not know who to reply to.  He also indicated that the statue 
had periodically been a subject of discussion over the last 30 years and, 
frankly, was one of the few long lasting traditions on campus.  His said 
many like the statue; and if it provoked discussion among students from 
time to time on issues of decency, appropriate public art, and even 
religion, all the better.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary


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