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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, March 7, 2008, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  K. Barone (Chair), A. Spitko, K. Kreho, C. Brantley, K. Fournier, M. Dwyer, D. Lynch,
S. Martinez, C. DeLauretis, T. Bonner (AE), E. Tuttle, S. Horrax, O. Mamed, S. Hazan, J. DiPlacido

Absent:  C. Bombria, E. LaCombe, I. Ceballos, J. LaLanne, D. Macchiaroli,
G. Gigliotti, M. Garofalo, R. Bachoo, J. Higgins, M. Toston

Guests:  S. Rine, D. McGraw, A. Estrom

Mr. Barone called the meeting to order at 2:06 PM.  He welcomed all and asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be approved.


MOTION (K. Fournier/E. Tuttle)                                                                       SUBOG 2008-24

To approve the minutes of the February 8, 2008, meeting as attached 

Motion Passed:   15-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained


CAN Report

Ms. Spitko, Vice-President of CAN, presented the monthly report of activities produced by this subcommittee of the SUBOG.  Spring Week events were highlighted as a major effort in planning this month and recent past events were well attended.  A list of upcoming events including, Earth Day, a Carnival and Professional Regurgitator for the month of April, as well as the remaining films list were shared.

Mosaic Committee

Mr. Martinez, Chair of the Mosaic Committee, reported verbally that his group has been working on upcoming events and reported on a recent past event. Mosaic had “Randi Driscoll” on March 3 in Semesters with 50 in attendance, and the committee is very excited about the event, “Crossing the Line” on March 13 in Torp Theatre as part of their spring programming.

House Committee

Mr. Tuttle reported that applications forms along with letters and notices have been sent to all current office holders in the Student Center, as well as all clubs and organizations who might wish to apply for space assignment.  Info sessions were planned for 3/11 and 3/13.  3/28 is the deadline for all applications to be in.  Evan expressed appreciation of the work of members on this project thus far.

Student Services Committee Report

Ms. Fournier reported that thus far, the informal survey being conducted asking the question, “If the Student Center were to have more space added on, what would you like to see in it?”   Many students are requesting quiet study cubes where small groups (4 – 8) could meet and work on projects without disturbing other studiers in the lounges.  More next month.  Commuter Coffees are to help inform the commuting population about different service offices on campus and to inform them about what SUBOG is and can do for them as a group.  March 11 is the next scheduled commuter coffee.  

Budget Committee Report

This committee did not meet this month, however, O. Mamed reported that to date all purchases have been accounted for, and the balance of the SUBOG account SBG900 will be 28,391.24 when the Living Room Lecture Series money is transferred to SALD for payments to this program.

Old Business

The House Committee requested a vote to change the constitution of SUBOG to include the statement on standards for the Student Center (reviewed as required at the previous SUBOG Meeting). 


MOTION (E. Tuttle/C. DeLauretis)                                                                    SUBOG 2008-25

To approve adding the following statement to the SUBOG Constitution at 2.21:  “The Student Center is the “Living Room of the Campus” where the community will experience the level of comfort and acceptance as in their own homes.  It is expected that those who utilize our services will not only treat the building with respect, but the occupants as well.  The safety of those within this Living Room is of utmost importance without discrimination, and we believe that a positive environment is essential in creating a sense of community of which we all wish to be a part.”  

Motion Passed:  15-Yes         0-No                0-Abstained


K. Barone reported on “The Living Room Lecture Series”.  Ken indicated that the “Todd Brewster” program went over well, though not on the original date.  The “Cambridge Debate” and “1st Amendment Luncheon” are scheduled for the March and April respectively. 

Ken indicated that he was looking for support from the Board on continueing the program next year.  By concensus, the group agreed.  Ken will be writing and seeking support from Dr. Lovitt for the academic houses, and seeking advertising support from Dr. McLaughlin in Marketing and Public Relations area.

New Business

Devils Den 10 PM Committee is looking for a representative from SUBOG to sit on that committee.  There were some folks interested, and directed to contact Maria Garofalo for more information.

Nominations were called for in the election of the next Chair of the Student Union Board Of Governors.  Kelley Fournier nominated Ken Barone, Evan Tuttle seconded, and Mr. Barone accepted the nomination.  No other nominations were made.  There will be an election at the next meeting of the SUBOG.


-       Club Recognition Banquet and Awards Ceremony will be held on 4/14.  “Live It, Learn It!” is the theme.  SGA, CAN, IRC, SUBOG and other groups are hosting and supporting this event which is managed by the SA/LD

-       Don’t forget to take a moment and answer surveys as they come to you.  Your suggestions have helped guide decisions on Res-Life, Student Center, Student Activities, Bookstore, Child Care, Employee Satisfaction and more.  Your voice IS being heard!

-       Congratulations to Maria Garafalo as the new Assistant Director of the Student Center.

-       Breakers Gameroom is doing a great job with programming, leagues, and the new XBOX setup!

-       NEXT MEETING 3/7!!!  NOMINATIONS for election of the next Chair of SUBOG!!!

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2007-2008