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MINUTES - Thursday, February 19, 1998

Student Union Board of Governors

Attendance:  S. Lamont, N. Clark, L. Gargamelli, J. Hartig, D. Orloske, R. 
Schneeweiss, D. Ross, R. Campbell, J. Kaufman, H. Palmer, D. Sarro.

Meeting was called to order by Ms. Lamont at 4:30 p.m. in the Ballroom 
Annex of the Student Center.

Ms. Lamont then asked for any Old Business.  Hearing none she then went on 
to New Business.

Ms. Lamont introduced Mr. Hartig the new SGA representative to the Board 
and Ms. Clark who is filling one of the vacant Program Council At-Large 
seats to the Board.  Both were given time to tell the members something 
about themselves and their current involvement on campus.  Ms. Lamont then 
asked for motions to ratify their membership.

        MOTION:  (Sutera /Kaufman)  To ratify the nomination of Joe Hartig 
as a representative of the Student Government Association to the SUBOG.

        MOTION PASSED ( 7-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 98-01

        MOTION:  (Gargamelli /Sutera)  To ratify the nomination of Nancy 
Clark as an At-Large representative of the Program Council to the SUBOG.

        MOTION PASSED ( 8-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 98-02

Ms. Lamont then reported that four student members on the Board had to 
resign this semester.   This apparently was due mainly to academic needs.  
These included Mindy Shedd, Chip McCabe, Jessica Walsh, and Aral Balkan.  
Ms. Lamont indicated she felt it unnecessary to fill the remaining 
vacancies as there was only two meetings left in the year.  There was a 
general consensus that that would be prudent.

Mr. Orloske then gave an update on the Student Center 
Construction/Renovation Project.  He reported that after a 3-4 week delay, 
the contract has been signed and the Schematic Design Phase would be 
started in the next few weeks. He indicated that this phase would be where 
the actual layout of the building would be decided and where people would 
be asked to give their input.  He also reported that President Judd had 
decided, after much consultation, that in order to get the most building 
for the available funds and to have the project completed in the shortest 
time, the Student Center would be closed down during the construction 
phase.  This would be from mid-May 1999 to August of 2000.   Questions from 
the members followed concerning where offices might be moved and how 
services would be provided.  Mr. Orloske indicated that there was a 
commitment to relocate all current tenants in the building during the 
construction and that those plans were underway as to how that will be 
accomplished.  He reported that most offices would be moved to Seth North 
Hall.  The Bookstore and food services were the biggest issues, and he 
hoped to have those planned out within the next month.  Plans for providing 
adequate event space would follow after those two services were 
accommodated.  He also indicated that there was a commitment to provide 
student organization tenants of the Student Center office space during the 
shutdown, probably in Seth North Hall.  Special needs groups like WFCS 
radio might need other facilities and that would be addressed through the 
planning process.  

A concern about the priority student groups would get in access to event 
space in the new building was expressed by Ms. Clark.  Mr. Orloske 
indicated that campus groups, including student organizations, currently 
have and will continue to have top priority in facility use.  He explained 
that the current policy is to let campus groups book facilities up to three 
years in advance during the academic year.  Outside groups could only book 
a year in advance.  

Mr. Orloske indicated that during the schematic phase he would ask Board 
members to review plans as they develop but warned there was a concern that 
prolonged reviews would delay the project.  He asked anyone who was 
interested in participating in that process to understand that input had to 
be given quickly so the timetable could be adhered to.

Ms. Lamont then brought up that the current space in the publications area 
that was the Dial Yearbooks needs to be allocated to some group.  A 
discussion occurred where the consensus was that any group assigned the 
space should be compatible with the Recorder operations as unlike groups 
would only create problems in facility use.  It was decided to survey 
student clubs as to office space  needed not only to see if there was a 
compatible group but also to get input for the design of the Student 
Activities area in the new facility.  Ms. Lamont asked Ms. Gargamelli to 
develop a survey to go out to clubs and report back the results at the next 

Program Council
Ms. Gargamelli then gave the Program Council report. She highlighted 
upcoming events including the Sneak Preview of Dark City and the planned 
theater trip to the Bushnell for the musical Rent. 

Ms. Lamont then put forth a request from Stephen Ostertag, Program Council 
member, to be able to place a "sandwich" bulletin board outside the Student 
Center to highlight upcoming PC Events. 

        MOTION:  (Kaufman/Campbell)  To permit Program Council to display 
advertising outside the Student Center using a "sandwich" bulletin board.

        MOTION PASSED ( 9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)         SUBOG 97-03

House Committee
Ms. Gargamelli indicated that they had no new business to report and gave a 
brief description of the work of the House Committee for new members.

Budget Committee
Mr. Campbell reported the Committee had completed their work with Program 
Council to develop a standard financial reporting system which the Council 
would use to prepare monthly financial statements for the Board to review.  
He said he did not have current data to provide reports for this meeting 
but should have them soon.  Mr. Orloske suggested that the reports be 
distributed with the minutes the following week.  Mr. Campbell then gave a 
brief description of the work of the Budget Committee for new members.

Student Services Committee
Mr. Schneeweiss gave a report on the cancellation of the Kareem 
Abdul-Jabbar lecture.  He  indicated that ticket sales were very poor.  If 
they had gone through with the event, they might have lost their entire 
budget for the year.  By canceling, the Mosaic Committee is able to fund 
other events for the year.  These include a large scale "eye color" 
experience where student will be able to experience prejudice and talk 
though it together.  They are also exploring cosponsorships for a program 
later in the year so that a larger program might be possible.

Ms. Kaufman reported that the Student Services Committee did not have any 
programs planned currently but was looking to do some additional outreach 
programs for commuters.

Ms. Lamont then indicated she had included a reference guide to 
Parliamentary Procedure in the packets for members to review.

Open Floor
Ms. Lamont gave a report on her attendance at the National Conference of 
NACA.  She said it was a good experience being able to talk with students 
at other schools and discovered many of them have similar problems as we 
have with student involvement.  She said many schools had turned to 
providing stipends to student leaders so they would not have to work and 
could put more time into campus event planning.  She also was surprised to 
find out that most schools she talked to did not have the financial 
resources that we have for student programs.  Overall she found the 
experience exciting.

Finally Ms. Lamont asked members to review the suggested dates for the 
final two meetings of the SUBOG for the year.  It was decided that they 
will be held on April 2  in the North Room and April 30 in the Alumni 
Lounge.  Both would be scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 5:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary


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