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IN ATTENDANCE: Orloske, Kiernan, West, Ross, Lausier, Strong, Timpany, Corbett, Rich, Vial, Berry

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the Student Center.

Ms. West chaired the meeting as the Chairperson position was vacant. She announced that Ms. Deborah Peterson had been appointed by Vice President Sherman to represent him on the Board for the remainder of the academic year. Though Ms. Peterson was unable to attend, Ms. West welcomed her to the Board. Ms. West then introduced Mr. Anthony Berry, from the Black Student Union, who had been chosen to fill the vacant Student Center Tenant, Special Interest Seat, on the Board.

MOTION: (Lausier/Kiernan) To ratify Anthony Berry, from BSU, as the Student Center Tenant, Special Interest Seat, representative to the Board.

Motion Passed: 8 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained SUBOG 96-1

As the next order of business, Ms. West called for nomination for SUBOG Chairperson to fill this position for the balance of the academic year. Ms. Kimberly Timpany was placed in nomination by Ms. Kiernan and seconded by Mr. Lausier. Asking for and hearing no additional nominations, Ms. West called for a close of nomination and then asked Ms. Timpany to speak to her nomination. Ms. Timpany indicated that her main goal was to complete the projects initiated under the leadership of Mr. Prespare and to get the membership up. Mr. Rich then asked for the Executive Secretary to cast one vote to elect Ms. Timpany by acclamation. Hearing no objections Ms. West directed the Executive Secretary to do so.

MOTION: (Kiernan/Lausier) To elect Ms. Kimberly Timpany as Chairperson of the Student Union Board of Governors for the balance of the spring 1996 term.

Elected by Acclamation SUBOG 96-2

Ms. West then turned the chair over to Ms. Timpany.

Ms. Timpany then recognized Ms. West who placed a motion on the floor to recognize the contributions of the past Chairperson, Mr. Joseph Prespare.

MOTION: (West/Lausier) To recognize the contributions of Mr. Joseph Prespare to the Student Union and the community of Central Connecticut State University.

There are two kinds of people; the givers and the takers. Joseph Prespare is truly a giver. Joseph became involved with Student Activities/Leadership Development early in his CCSU career. Joseph obtained the position of Sidetracks Coordinator and impressed everyone with his exceptional computer skills. In the fall of 1993, Joseph broadened his leadership skills as the Vice President of Program Council. Joseph was determined to make a difference and learned more with each new position he obtained. He always made time for everyone and listened to the little voices in the crowd so everyone and their thoughts would be heard. In the fall of 1994, Joseph reached his career high as Chair of Student Union Board of Governors. During his year and a half as SUBOG Chair, Joseph used his enthusiasm and people personality to achieve successful attendance at many of the SUBOG monthly meetings. Joseph extended his help in the 30,000 Hours of Volunteer Services and the expansion of the Student Center. Joseph's high involvement within the Student Center and outside activities, such as the American Red Cross did not go unnoticed. In May of 1995, Joseph received the Volunteer of the Year Award presented by the staff of Student Activities/Leadership Development. Joseph Prespare has given so much to the CCSU community. Hopefully his inspiration and dedication will continue to inspire everyone in the CCSU community to reach for and obtain what is thought as unattainable.

Motion Passed by Acclamation

Ms. West then gave her Program Council report covering activities from November 1995 to the present. She highlighted the many successful programs during that period. She then reported on the elections of a number of individuals that were filling vacant Executive Board positions and Coordinatorships. She placed the entire group forward for ratification.

MOTION: (West/Strong) To ratify the following individuals for leadership positions in Program Council.

Douglas Kalwat, Treasurer
Olivia Bryson, Film/Video Committee Coordinator
Jay Brennan, Comedy Committee Coordinator
Sheri Lamont, Diversity Committee Coordinator

Motion Passed: 9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained SUBOG 96-3

Ms. Timpany then went on to committee reports. She first announced that Ms. Graves had resigned as Student Services Committee Chair for personal reasons. She asked if anyone was interested in filling this position to see her directly. Ms. Timpany then reported that this committee needed to arrange for the formal dedication of the Lobby Flag Display which was now completed.

Mr. Lausier then gave the House Committee Report. He indicated that the letter and application for the student office space would be out this week. The plan was to review applications and make recommendations to the Board at the next meeting. He indicated that the application process would have a dual purpose in that the space needs information that is gathered would be used in advising the architect who will be designing the addition to the Student Center this spring. He then reported that the addition project was on track and the University had submitted the paperwork for the State Department of Public Works to select an architect for the project. He indicated that Mr. Orloske was anticipating that the design phase would start sometime in late March. He again reported that the Lobby Flag Display had been completed and that it was now up to the Student Services Committee to arrange for the final installation and dedication. Ms. Timpany indicated that this was a priority and asked for assistance in getting the program together. Mr. Orloske said he felt it important that this occur sometime in March, or early April at the latest, so it did not get entangled with year-end programs and also so that the flags could be installed. This would keep them safer than where they are currently stored.

As there was no budget business, no report from that committee was submitted.

Mr. Lausier then reported on the ad hoc Committee on Constitution Revision. He indicated that the interest in establishing a permanent tenant seat on the Board was not evidenced by the attendance at meetings over the break. He indicated that without more support he did not believe it wise to continue the work, especially if he had to do it all. He then moved that this ad hoc committee be dissolved.

MOTION: (Lausier/West) To dissolve the ad hoc Committee on Constitution Revision.

Motion Passed: 8 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained SUBOG 96-4

Under open floor, Mr. Orloske reported that the selection process for delegates to the ACU-I Regional Conference in Cardiff, Wales, would be occurring in late February. He indicated that there appeared to be funding to send 2-4 students to the conference but that further budgetary review was needed. He also reported that 2-3 faculty will also be part of the delegation. In addition, there would be three staff members attending the upcoming ACU-I International Conference being held in Philadelphia in mid-March.

Next meeting was scheduled for March 13, 1996, at 6:30 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary


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