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Campus Life

Campus Life

Residence Life

Let CCSU become your home away from home! Our beautiful suburban campus offers a comfortable and safe place to live and learn. You'll find the support you need for successfully navigating your classes and college life.


RECentral provides a series of comprehensive activities including: Intramurals, Club Sports, Fitness and Recreation and strives to:

Provide opportunities for recreation that encourage personal and group development
Promote healthy personal development
Improve overall campus life

Student Center

The Student Center provides services and facilities, and supports programs which enhance the growth of the campus community. Students are developed and educated through active participation in all we do. Our quality is determined by the people we serve!


The Department of Student Activities & Leadership Development provides meaningful involvement opportunities which foster students’ personal growth and strength of character through training, mentorship and engagement in co-curricular activities. 


This is the calendar utility to find out what is happening for the CCSU Community. Events on or off campus; campus organization or department; or local community! Choose the category of calendar events you're interested in... explore, set reminders!!

The Link – Activities, Clubs, & Organizations

The Link connects you with campus clubs and organization leaders. The site allows you to keep track of multiple organizations you are interested in and want to become involved in. It will also keep you informed of other club activity happening around campus.

Fine Arts

Whether you want to perform, take a class, or just enjoy from the audience, the fine arts at CCSU are a vital part of our campus life.

Make Art! March in a band. Sing in a choir. Play in an orchestra. Act in a play. Join Dance Team.
Expand your horizons! Classes in art, dance, music, and theater are available for general education credit.
Look & Listen! Attend a gallery opening, dance recital, classical or jazz music concert, or play.

Other Areas of Campus Life