Yohuru Williams

Yohuru Williams is Professor of History and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Fairfield University. Dr. Williams received his Ph.D. from Howard University in 1998. Dr. Williams has held a variety of administrative posts both within and outside the university including serving as Vice President for Public Education and Research at the Jackie Robinson Foundation in New York City and until recently as the Chief Historian for the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Dr. Williams's scholarly articles have appeared in the American Bar Association's Insights on Law and Society, The Organization of American Historians Magazine of History, The Black Scholar, The Journal of Black Studies, Pennsylvania History, Delaware History, and the Black History Bulletin. Dr. Williams is also presently finishing a single authored book entitled In the Shadow of the Whipping Post: Lynching, Capital Punishment, and Jim Crow Justice in Delaware 1865-1965 under contract with Cambridge University Press.