Department of Social Work


Social Work B.A. Program Information

Students majoring in social work will develop all core competencies for entry-level generalist social work practice in a global context. Students learn culturally competent practice skills with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities using theoretical and research-informed practice models. Students engage, access, intervene and evaluate client systems applying critical thinking skills in accordance with values and ethical principles of the social work profession. Students advance human rights and social and economic justice through policy, practice and client self-determination, empowerment, and self-sufficiency with a respect for client strengths and resilience.

Field Education

Guided by CSWE standards, the Social Work Program is designed to enhance course content through experiential opportunities. Students are required to complete a minimum of 680 hours in “the field” throughout their program. These volunteer field experiences are done in a variety of human service and human-service related agencies that provide assistance to individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. They may address a single client system and single social issue, or may address a multitude of client systems and issues simultaneously. Two semesters of a minimum of 70 hours per semester are required of pre-Social Work majors before they can be admitted to the Social Work Program. This is typically done in the sophomore year. Once students are fully admitted to the Social Work Program, they are expected to complete additional volunteer field placements in each of the following two semesters, a minimum of 70 hours per semester or 5 hours per week. During the final year of the program, students will complete 400 hours of internship, or 200 hours each semester.

Some of your field placements may require that you pass a background check before you can participate in the placement.  If you fail to pass the background check, you may be unable to complete the Social Work Program at Central. 

Student Portfolio

Progress in the Social Work Program is assessed through the Student Portfolio which is submitted through Taskstream.

Stage 1 - Application to the major;
Stage 2 - Application for senior field education experience; and
Stage 3 - Upon completion of the Social Work Program.

The student portfolio is a place to organize and store material relevant to your development as a social work major during your time at CCSU. At each submission point you will be required to respond to a series of questions using a narrative format. It is important that your portfolio documents are organized and presented well.


All Social Work majors and pre-Social Work majors are expected to adhere to the professional standards adopted by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics (1996) and the NASW Standards of Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice (2001). Therefore, in both the classroom and the field students are expected to act in a professionally responsible manner, including attendance, promptness, and respect for diverse opinions as well as tolerance for differences.