Student Services Center

Who is my Advisor?

You are assigned an academic advisor based on your student status and your declared major/program. 

 ALL Incoming Students are initially received through the appropriate School-Based Center

Transfer Students will be assigned a faculty advisor from the department of their major.

Freshmen are assigned a professional advisor through their school based center

If you are a... You must...
First Semester Freshman  Meet with your assigned School-Based Center Advisor
       see list below to find your advisor
Second Semester Freshman  See your assigned Faculty Advisor
(you have completed a full semester)
Incoming Transfer Student  Attend a mandatory Transfer Advising Session
       get more information here
Continuing Transfer Student  See your assigned Faculty Advisor
(you have completed at least one semester) 
   get more information here
Continuing Student  See your assigned Faculty Advisor
(you have completed at least one semester)
   get more information here

 School of Engineering, Science, and Technology Majors

Biochemistry, Biology, Biomolecular Sciences, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Construction Management, Digital Printing Graphics Technology, Earth Sciences, Electronics Technology, Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Networking Information Technology, Physics, Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Technology & Engineering Education (K-12)

If your major is... Your advisor is...
     Biochemistry      Donna DeCarlo
  Biology   Donna DeCarlo
  Biomolecular Science   Donna DeCarlo
  Chemistry   Donna DeCarlo
  Civil Engineering   Joseph Zeoli
  Computer Engineering Technology   Justine Gamache
  Computer Science   Justine Gamache
  Construction Managment   Joseph Zeoli
  Digital Printing & Graphics Technology   Justine Gamache
  Earth Sciences   Donna DeCarlo
  Earth Sciences (Secondary Education, 7-12)   Donna DeCarlo
  Electronics Technology   Justine Gamache
  Industrial Technology – Tech Management   Joseph Zeoli
  Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Joseph Zeoli
  Manufactuirng Management   Joseph Zeoli
  Mathematics   Justine Gamache
  Mathematics (Secondary Education, 7-12)   Justine Gamache
  Mechanical Engineering   Joseph Zeoli
  Mechanical Engineering Technology   Joseph Zeoli
  Networking Information Technology   Justine Gamache
  Physics   Donna DeCarlo
  Physics (Secondary Education, 7-12)   Donna DeCarlo
  Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Technology   Joseph Zeoli
  Technology & Engineering Education (PK-12)   Justine Gamache
  Undeclared Engineering & Technology   Justine Gamache

School of Engineering, Science, and Technology - Student Services Center
Copernicus Hall, room 241

All Continuing students are assigned a faculty and/or professional advisor, based on their major.

If you are a Continuing Student, you can find out who your current advisor is through your Central Pipeline account / WebCentral - Banner Web. View Student Information under the Student Tab. Select the current semester. If you are still unsure who your advisor is, you can visit the appropriate school-based center to speak with a general advisor.

ALL Incoming Students are initially received through the appropriate School-Based Center