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School of Education & Professional Studies (SEPS)

Professional Program Checklist

CCSU’s School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS) uses an online process, TaskStream, for applying to the Professional Program for Teacher Certification. Please use the following checklist to guide your Professional Program application process and to make sure that your application is complete. Your academic advisor can assist you with any questions about completing these materials.


_____ 1.       Application Form (completed in TaskStream). 

_____ 2.       Documentation of scores on the SAT, ACT, or Praxis Core Academic Skills Test or an official waiver letter based on the GRE or PAA. Documentation of scores includes credible evidence of the basic skills test(s) taken, the testing date(s), and the scores earned. We will accept any combination of the following forms of evidence:

  1. official test score report(s) showing test, score(s) earned, and date of testing;
  2. a Banner web printout showing SAT or ACT scores and test date; or
  3. a copy of the high school transcript showing SAT or ACT scores and test date.

_____ 3.         Documentation of experience with students in schools (30 hours in special education and 10 hours in general education).  See Verification of Experience in Schools Form (available for download via TaskStream).

_____ 4.       Two references from those who can best assess your potential as a special education teacher. See Recommendation Form (available for download via TaskStream).

_____ 5.       Candidate statement, demonstrating a command of the English language, explaining the experiences and reasoning that led to the pursuit of a teaching career in special education.  Essay must be typed and no longer than 2 pages double-spaced.

_____ 6.       Resume highlighting education and work experiences.

_____ 7.       Evidence of current Connecticut Criminal Background Check (see SEPS website).

_____ 8.       Copy of approved Planned Program of Study.

_____ 9.       Evidence of ability to write at a graduate school level as demonstrated by Departmental Essay Assessment (scheduled during the beginning of the fall and spring semesters).

_____ 10.     Departmental Interview (scheduled during the beginning of the fall and spring semesters).


Graduates/Post-Baccalaureate Certification Students should also submit:

Copies of Graduate School admission letter and the official Planned Program (with appropriate signatures)

Items will need to be submitted electronically into your TaskStream portfolio. If you do not have access to
a scanner at home, scanners for student use can be found in the SEPS Advising Center, the library and in
the Marcus White Computer Lab