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Being involved in CCSU’s extracurricular activities means engaging with your community and being a part of the life of the university. One way students enrich their lives and deepen their education is by joining clubs and honor societies linked to their majors.

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SEPS students come from all walks of life, but they all share the common goal of giving back to their communities. In the same way, CCSU and SEPS are committed to students….we strive to find ways to make your academics meaningful and your education affordable.

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CCSU Students Climbing the Great Wall

One way students broaden their education is through study or travel abroad experiences, such as the experience of these CCSU students, pictured climbing the Great Wall of China. Whether you participate in a short-term experience or spend an entire semester abroad, you will come away from your journey with a deeper respect for customs and cultures different from your own and learn more about yourself in the process.

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