School of Education & Professional Studies (SEPS)


Miriam Desgazon

Social Work, Senior

Miriam Desgazon

Chi Upsilon Phi Alpha Social Work National Honor Society President 
Student Government Association Senator

Miriam Desgazon, a senior in the Social Work program, was born in Haiti and moved to the US at the age of 13, with virtually no English language skills. Since this time, Miriam has made great strides, both academically and personally. She will graduate from CCSU in May 2017, with a B.A. in Social Work.

Miriam's Experience as a Social Work Major

 "When I began college, I knew I wanted to help people in some way. I had done a lot of volunteer work during high school and discovered that I enjoyed working with people in the community. Although originally I was considering a career in nursing, in the end I decided that social work was the right choice for me.

The CCSU social work program is intense but the faculty are understanding and create a caring environment for the students, providing help and guidance as needed. My favorite part of the program is that it is 'hands-on,' giving you the opportunity to try out your skills. You learn the theory in class, and then you put it into practice in your community placement. By the end of the program, you have completed 700 hours of field experience! I continue to do community outreach during the summers and in 2016, taught health and wellness at an urban school in Boston with Generation Teach.

I love the fact that the social work faculty are very supportive of study abroad and put great value on cultural competence in their students. During my sophomore year, I studied at the University of Central Lancashire in England, where I took one course in global perspectives on child welfare and another course on the deaf community. These six months in the UK exposed me to a new culture and way of life and helped me to broaden my perspective and grow personally. I have continued my international travel and went to China last summer.

 If you are a student considering social work, I would advise that you get involved in the social work club early on. Here you can meet others who have similar interests and ask them questions. You can also take part in many community-focused activities. This will give you the opportunity to step back and see if a major in social work will be as good a fit for you as it was for me."