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In proud partnership with the Connecticut Education Association & American Federation of Teachers-CT, & Duke TeachHouse

2nd Annual Teacher Leader Fellowship Program Institute
May 22, 2018
8am – 3:30pm
CCSU New Britain Campus – Alumni Hall, Student Center


This event builds on the extremely successful First Annual Teacher Leader Fellowship institute that featured Dr. Yong Zhao and Dr. Tony Wagner, renowned educators.  

This year two internationally known and influential education thinkers - Dr. Peter Gamwell and Dr. Pasi Sahlberg - will keynote the morning institute and focus on supporting teacher leaders and administrators in emphasizing creativity, collaboration and innovation in classrooms and schools.  Dr. Gamwell will highlight his work in Ottawa, Canada, while Dr. Sahlberg will focus on his work in Finland. Both men are credited with major influence on the structure of education in their respective countries; both the city of Ottawa and the country of Finland are recognized as education super -powers and supporters of teachers as professional leaders. After their keynotes, they will engage in a conversation with each other and the audience.

The day will include breakout sessions by and for teacher leader fellows and their administrators who have taken part in the CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program, and will offer multiple perspectives on the role of teachers as leaders and the conditions that support them. Fifty-three teacher leaders and thirty-seven administrators from 13 school districts around the state have taken part in the Fellowship Program this past year. This event will extend their knowledge and allow them a platform in which to share their experiences with all other districts throughout Connecticut.

The day will end with a panel of Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs - many educated in Connecticut’s schools - who will weigh in on what it takes to conceive of and implement a start-up and how schools can nurture innovators, collaborators and problem solvers like themselves.

Due to extensive snow days, we are extending the early bird fee registration date to Friday, April 13.

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