School of Education & Professional Studies (SEPS)


TLFP's Major Activities

Seminar Series - From fall to spring, TLFP hosts four seminars addressing topics such as teacher leaders as mentors and coaches, school design innovations, and creating supportive school environments.

Annual Institute - In May of each year, TLFP hosts a full-day institute attended by teachers and administrators from across the state. The event features plenary sessions with international leaders in education and professional learning opportunities provided by experts in their fields. The 2018 theme is Teacher Leaders as Enablers of Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation.

Summer Workshops - TLFP offers practical workshops on timely topics that can improve teaching and learning. Workshops are usually held in late July and August and have been otfered on topics such as school climate, teacher coaching, and school policy and finance.

Global Experiences - TLFP periodically offers global adventures in educational innovation to allow participants to learn about innovative practices firsthand. A trip to Finland's schools is planned for April 2018 and is available to TLFP participants.