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Exam Proctoring Checklist

If you are receiving this Exam Proctoring Checklist via email, click REPLY, then complete the information below, attach the exam, and click SEND to transmit your information OR Click on REPLY, complete, print and select an alternative method of exam delivery.





Date/time of exam:

What is the time allotted for students taking the exam in class? 

Please check all items that are permitted in the test area:


open book






formula sheet


scrap paper


Blue Book (s)


Scantron Sheet(s)






If a question may arise during the exam, please list the name and phone number of instructor or designee who will be available during the time the student taking the exam.




For on-line exams, please provide details required to facilitate the exam session:

Exam delivery:


E-mail the exam with this completed form to


Fax the exam to 860-832-1865


Drop off the exam to SDS (Willard 101-03) located in the Learning Center (Willard 101)

Exam return:


Faculty or department secretary will pick up exam from SDS (Willard 101-03) located in the Learning Center (Willard 101)


Send by campus mail to this department:


Scan completed exam to faculty e-mail (Exam must be on single-sided 8.5X11 paper; cannot scan exams with Blue Books)


Signature/Date at time of exam pick up from SDS (Willard 101-03) located in the Learning Center (Willard 101)


Signature: ____________________________________________________Date:________________

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