Student Disability Services

How to Get Started

1. Submit documentation of a disability to the Student Disability Services Coordinator. You can ask your doctor to fax the documentation to us. Documentation must be from a Licensed or Certified Professional; for more specifics, follow the Documentation Guidelines link.
2. After registering for classes, complete the accommodation request electronically HERE
3. The Coordinator for SDS evaluates the requested accommodations and generates a letter to the student that is sent out via campus email. The student should then forward the accommodation letter to all of his/her faculty members.
4. Be sure to discuss your accommodations with your professors during the first week of class (some professors may require you to make an appointment during their office hours).
5. When meeting with your professor, be prepared to clearly communicate your needs in relation to the specific accommodations you are eligible for in that course.

Please Note:
SDS needs ample time to coordinate services. Requests are processed in the order in which they were received.
Accommodations must be supported by current documentation that you have provided to SDS.
No request form = No accommodations
Any grades earned prior to you submitting the "Student Accommodation Request Form" each semester will not be changed.

Click Here to Open/Print this How to Get Started Information (.PDF)