Retention & Graduation


Faculty Support Team

Dr. Marianne Fallon

Assistant Professor, Psychological Science


Background: After our final meeting of the Fall semester, I carefully thought about Patrick, Lynda, and Emily's report from the conference on student success. In particular, I was struck by the need to better understand how faculty at CCSU support and promote students' academic success. As I result, I proposed this subcommittee to Dr. Lovitt in December 2012.


Mission: We will develop instruments and gather data in the phases listed below. After each phase, we will summarize findings and report to Graduation and Retention Council, Department Chairs, and CTFD. We will also liaise with departments or individual faculty who wish to develop implementation plans based on best practices.


Phase 1: Survey/interview department chairs about how their department recognizes and supports student success (e.g., Awards, Honor Societies, infrastructure, etc.).

Phase 2: Survey/interview faculty about how they support student success within the context of their classes, mentoring, and advising.

Phase 3: Survey/interview students' perceptions of faculty's commitment to their success and how faculty can help them succeed without compromising academic rigor.


The plan is to accomplish one phase per semester taking us through Academic Year 2013-14