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Intramural Sports

 The goal of our program is to establish fun, active, and inviting environments for all skill levels. Various leagues and tournaments are offered to the entire CCSU Community each year. Through participation in our programs, students are able to remain physically active and develop leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and other important life skills. If you like sports or being active, we definitely have something for you!

Register for IMLeagues

Go to IMLeagues Registration and fill out the registration information (use your CCSU email)

Once registration is completed you will be sent an email to activate your account, this link will bring you to Central's IMLeagues section.

Signing up for a team

Log in to IMLeagues and click Player Signup, select the signup method from the drop down Create a Team - Captains can invite members by clicking "Invite Members" and members must accept the invitation to be added to the team. Invite members by searching, and if they aren't a member yet you can add them by email.

Join a Team - Accept a request from a captain to join the team. Find a team/captain on the division/league page and request to join their team

Join as a Free Agent - Be a free agent in as many divisions as you'd like. You will be made visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information so teams can add you to their team.

When registering you will select the sport, league, and division you would like to play in.

FAQ about Intramural

How can I register?

Online at under the intramurals tab at

What if I don't have a team?

If you want to join a team, and have no other team mates, register as a 'free agent', and come to the captains meeting for your league to be placed on a team. Captain's meeting dates can be found on the Intramurals Calendar.

What sports are offered?

Soccer, flag football, floor hockey, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, kickball, badminton,and softball.

Where do we play?

Flag football, soccer and softball are played on Arute Football Field and the recreation field.Volleyball, dodge ball, and basketball are played in the Kaiser Gymnasium.Floor hockey is played on the outdoor basketball courts behind the bubble.

How do I become an official?

Contact RECentral's main office for an application 860-832-3732 or online at under the employment tab.

Can I play on more than one team in the same sport?

NO – here at RECentral we want every team to have the same advantage, playing on more than one team is not fair, and if someone is found playing on 2 teams, they will be ejected from the league. Although, you cannot play on two teams in one sport, you can play more than one sport at a time.

Can I play intramurals if I'm on an NCAA team in collge?

Yes, but you cannot play the intramural sport you played in the NCAA if you are still playing it, if you no longer play the varsity sport you can play on the intramural team

Who may participate in intramurals?

Must be full-time student, faculty or staff with a valid blue-chip card.

When are standings posted/updated?

They are posted online the morning after the games are played.

Where can I park?

The best place to park for any intramurals is Arute Field parking lot.

What should I bring with me to games?

Bring your BLUE-CHIP CARD, you will not be allowed to play unless you have it, and an optional water bottle.

Can I add players to my roster during the season?

Yes, you can add players until before the first overall playoff game, after that it is not allowed!

How do I find my team's schedule?

Online at, or on the RECentral office board (located outside the office Kaiser 044)

Um, you haven't answered my question...

Anymore questions call the RECentral Office at 860-832-3732!