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  1. Student and faculty ID cards are required at all times while in each fitness center. IDs will be checked upon entering each fitness center by a RECentral staff member.
  2. Fitness centers are open to full-time students and faculty with a current CCSU ID.
  3. No guests are allowed in any RECentral facilities.
  4. Only proper exercise attire is permitted in the fitness centers. No street shoes, flip flops, jeans, belts, or inappropriate clothing can be worn.
  5. Personal gear is not permitted in the fitness centers. Backpacks, gym bags, coats, purses, etc. can be stored in the locker rooms/lockers.
  6. No food or beverages are to enter the fitness centers with the exception of bottled water.
    Please report any injuries or equipment malfunctions to a staff member immediately.
  7. Wipe down entire machine after each use.
  8. Limit yourself to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment to accommodate others.
  9. Equipment must stay in fitness center.

Pool Policy

  1. Blue Chip Card must be shown to lifeguard to swim.
  2. No guests allowed.
  3. Please shower before using the pool.
  4. No horseplay.
  5. No running.
  6. No one can use the diving board, diving blocks, trampoline, or hot tub.
  7. No diving in the shallow end.
  8. No hanging on the lane lines.
  9. No beverages other than water on pool deck.
  10. No one should engage the lifeguard in unnecessary conversation.
  11. First offense: verbal warning. Second offense: Asked to leave the pool.
  12. Lifeguards and RECentral staff have the authority to dismiss anyone from the pool area.
  13. Swimmers can use the open recreation equipment that is located left of the pool underneath the bleacher in gray bin.