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Travel Manager - Signing Instructions: Detailed

To print the instructions click here ( .pdf file)

Step I: Logon to Travel Manager

  1. Open Internet Explorer

  2.  Enter the following address - https://webtravel.ccsu.edu

  3. Type in your user ID and password – Click on Route & Review

Step II: Review the Document

  1. Click either:
    A) Preview Document icon (paper with magnifying glass) or
    B) Document Detail icon (paper with red blocks)

  2. Review document

  3. If any adjustments are required (e.g. revise travel dates or change available funding), an amendment must be prepared. Notify traveler or creator

  4. To close document: 
    A) If Preview Document icon was used, Click - X in upper right hand corner of screen)
    B) If Document Detail icon was used, Click - Close Current Document (upper right hand corner of screen).

Step III: Sign the Document

  1. Click - Select this Document icon (arrowhead triangle)- A green check mark will replace arrowhead  and document selected will be highlighted in pink.  Only select those documents that have the same "awaiting status"   Do not mix status names.

  2. Click - Pre-Audit & Stamp Selected Document  (upper right corner of screen)

  3. Pre-Audit Results screen will display
    A) If FAIL appears under status—contact Travel Office –ext. 22549
    B) If PASS appears under status see instructions

  4. Click - Continue Signing Documents (upper right corner of screen)

  5. Document Stamping screen will display

  6. Status to Apply Stamp will default appropriately

  7. Type signature PIN (should be same as password)

  8. Enter remarks as you wish (e.g. 2 vacation days approved)

  9. Click - Stamp Selected Documents (upper right corner of screen)

  10. Document Stamping Log screen will display

  11. Click - Close Stamping Log Screen (upper right corner of screen)

  12. Route and Review Documents screen will display and the document will route to the next person in the routing list

Step IV: Log Out

  1. Click - Logout from menu toolbar (top left portion of screen)

  2. Gelco Travel Manager login window will display

  3. Click - X in upper right hand corner of screen 

  4. Gelco Travel Manger Browser Application screen will display

  5. Click on Home icon to return to CCSU Home Page


A document becomes edit-locked when the user’s system crashes while the document is open or if the user does not log out of Travel Manager properly.  Edit-Locked documents are in View Only mode and no changes can be made to the document until the edit-lock status is removed. Also, the document cannot be stamped and routed. This utility removes the edit-lock status from the document.

Note: Users can only remove edit-locks occurred on their own documents. They may only remove edit-locks that are on their own documents AND were put there by themselves. 

If another user has opened your document or if you open another traveler’s document and the computer crashes or the user did not log out of Travel Manger properly: in these cases "orphan" edit-locks must be removed by the System Administrator. Please contact the Travel Office  at extension 22549 to remove the edit-lock.

Remove Edit-Locks Procedure

  1. Click "Setup" from menu toolbar (top left portion of screen)

  2. Click "Admin" from menu toolbar (top left portion of screen)

  3. Click "Remove Edit Locks" from document toolbar (left side of screen)

  4. Edit Locks screen will display. A table shows a list of all documents that are
    in Edit Lock status. It shows the TYPE of document, the DOCUMENT NAME, the LOCK DATE, and LOCK TIME.

  5. Click on the DOCUMENT NAME you wish to unlock from the EDIT mode (highlighted blue).

  6. Click "CLOSE" from the menu toolbar (top center portion of screen)

  7. Route & Review Documents window will display

  8. Refresh window by clicking "ROUTE & REVIEW DOCS" from document toolbar (left hand portion of screen)

  9. Return to either Step II (Review the Document) or Step III (Sign the Document)

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