Injustice, Exploitation, Racism, and the

Activist Foundations of Sociology 

October 8-12, 2014

at the Wyndham Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio  

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Call for Papers, Presentations and Sessions


Social “development” often only deepens structural processes that perpetuate injustice, exploitation, and racism.  American slavery provided cause for a racist ideology that may have clouded people’s vision, but it could not conceal the violence and exploitation at its core.  In the early days of industrial production, the direct social relations between workers and owners enabled the worker to see the contribution of their own poverty to both the property and the pockets of the owner.   Today, racial inequality continues with great effect in a “color-blind” system “without racists.”  Today, poverty often appears to be more about neglect, than active exploitation.   Few can trace their dispossession to the accumulations of others, while those who accumulate insulate themselves from those who bear the cost of their good fortune.  

The activist foundation of sociology resides in the good work of founders – Addams, DuBois, Marx, Fanon, de Beauvoir, Lee, and so many others – who challenged illusions to address structural injustices.   It resides in the thousands of students who are drawn into sociology classrooms because they have come to see that the social world is not as it appears. And it resides in intellectual work that identifies and documents the social conditions hidden beneath the veneer of our public discourse.   

If a more just world lies in our future, then future generations will look back and shake their heads over our barbarism.  Between us and that improved future vision is a lot of good work that will assess, challenge, and dismantle the systems, processes, and ideologies that perpetuate our current inhumanity.  Sociologists might not lead such a transformation, but some fraction of them (AHS members at least) will be there to inquire, to study, to document, to inform, to agitate, and to teach of the promises and perils in change and the inadequacies of current conditions.  

Papers and session topics that build from this foundation are encouraged, but we welcome all submissions of interest to sociologists and humanists. 

Abstracts for papers, presentations or requests to organize a session should be submitted on-line by July 15, 2014.   Inquiries or programming suggestions should be sent to the Program Chair, Mary Erdmans  mpe10@case.edu or the 2014 AHS President, Stephen Adair   adairs@ccsu.edu

To make a submission, please use our on-line form.  If you would like to propose a session or organize a session, please include a list of possible participants that you will be encouraging to contribute to the session.  Paper submissions should include an abstract of no more than 150 words that will be included in our final program.   To make a submission, click here. 


The program from the 2013 Conference, Racism - Capitalism / Crisis - Resistance, held October 9-13 at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia is available here.

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