Regulatory Changes and the Professional Program

State of Connecticut certification regulations require that certification applicants meet the regulations in place at the time the certification application is submitted to the Connecticut State Department of Education, regardless of when the teacher candidate completed the certification program. State regulations, including course and testing requirements, may change at any time. Teacher candidates enrolled in the Professional Program at the time of the regulatory change will be notified of any changes so their curriculum can be adjusted to address the changes. Teacher candidates are responsible for insuring that their Planned Programs are adjusted to meet all certification requirements that will be in effect at the time they plan to complete their certification programs. CCSU does not notify alumni of changes in regulations.

Teacher candidates and alumni may apply for certification at any time after completing their certification program. Teacher candidates are urged to apply for Connecticut certification during their last semester of coursework or immediately upon completion of the program to avoid possibly being required to meet additional certification requirements. Teacher candidates who do not plan to teach in Connecticut immediately should still obtain Connecticut certification so they are covered by reciprocity agreements with other states.

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