Major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS (130 credits minimum)

Accredited by TAC of ABET

Advisors: Z. Prusak (860-832-1826), E. Maydock (860-832-1818), and M. Gadalla (860-832-1859)

This major develops concepts employed by manufacturing industries to increase productivity, reduce cost, and efficiently use tools and machinery. Emphasis is on the areas of manufacturing, process planning, CAD/CAM, production techniques, and the application of mathematics and computers. Students must complete the coursework in four categories: general education, major requirements, directed electives, and additional requirements.

Core Requirements (46 credits)

ENGR 150Introduction to Engineering 3
ET 251Applied Mechanics I-Statics3
ET 252Applied Mechanics II-Dynamics3
ET 357Strength of Materials3
ET 361 Engineering Technology Instrumentation 3
ET 399Engineering Economy3
ETM 260Computer Aided Design and Integrated Manufacturing3
ETM 340Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing3
ETM 356Material Analysis3
ETM 360Computer Aided Planning (CAP)3
ETM 461Composites and Plastics Manufacturing Processes3
ETM 462Manufacturing Process Planning and Estimating3
ETM 466Design for Manufacture3
ETM 497Engineering Technology Senior Project Research2
ETM 498Engineering Technology Senior Project (Capstone)2

Directed Electives (5-6 credits)

The following courses, selected in consultation with an academic advisor, satisfy the directed technical electives requirement:

ET 300Ergonomics3
ET 495Topics in Engineering Technology3
ETM 358Applied Thermodynamics3
ETM 367Machine Design3
ETM 454Applied Heat Transfer3
ETM 460Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)3
ETM 463Plastics and Composite Tool Design3
ETM 467CAE Applied Finite Element Analysis3
ENGR 490Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)3

Additional Requirements (44 credits)

CET 236 Circuit Analysis 3
CHEM 161 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 162 General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
EMEC 324 Fluid Power Systems 3
ET 240
CS 213 
Spreadsheet and Engineering Problem Solving Tools

Applications of Computing I

MFG 121 Technical Drafting and CAD 3
MFG 216 Manufacturing Processes 3
MFG 226 Principles of Computer Numerical Control 3
MFG 236 Tool Design 3
MATH 119 
MATH 116
Pre-calculus with Trigonometry

Pre-calculus Mathematics

TM 464 Six Sigma Quality3
TM 480  Robotics 3
STAT 104 Elementary Statistics 3

Electives (3 credits, unrestricted)


General Education Requirements for Engineering Technology (ET) Majors (40-49 credits)

Study Area I: Arts & Humanities                                              9
            3 credits of literature and 6 credits of literature, philosophy, or fine arts. No more than 6
            credits from any one discipline.

Study Area II: Social Sciences                                                  6
            3 credits of history and 3 credits of economics, geography, history, or political science or
            ET 399 (Engineering Economy)

Study Area III: Behavioral Sciences                                             
            3 credits of anthropology, psychology, or sociology

Study Area IV: Natural Sciences                                          8
            PHYS 121 or 125**; PHYS 122 or 126**

Skill Area I: Communication Skills                               6
            ENG 110* and ENGR 290

Skill Area II: Mathematics                                                      6-8
            MATH 135 or MATH 152**; MATH 136 or MATH 221**

Skill Area III: Foreign Language Proficiency                            0-6

Skill Area IV: University Requirement                                    2-3
            PE 144 (or ENGR 150 for transfer students)

* Placement exam may be required before enrolling in English or Mathematics courses.

** Recommended

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