Major in Industrial Technology, BS (122 credits)

Accredited by NAIT

Technology majors, regardless of the program selected, are required to complete a common core of 24 credits in technical and management courses as part of their program. The core courses and general education requirements for this degree are the same as those listed in the electronics technology major on this page. There is a graduation requirement of a capstone assessment during a student's final year of study.


Specialization in Graphics Technology

Advisors: O. Odesina (860-832-1833) and K. Tracey (860-832-1842)

The graphics technology program prepares students for the field of graphic arts and printing technology, which transfers ink to paper and other substrates to make catalogs, brochures, broadsides, packaging, labels, magazines, signage, newspapers, and many other printed items. Students learn to work with as a design team on communications to be printed or manipulated digitally. The program offers a broad background of experiences and knowledge. Techniques covered include: flexography, photography, direct-to-press, digital imaging, offset lithography, sign making, color manipulation, typography, die-cutting, package design, electronic file manipulation, repurposing for web-page applications including virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation.

Specialization Requirements (31 credits)

CS 110 Introduction to Internet Programming & Applications 3
ART 120 Design I 3
CEGT 200 Seminar 1
CET 113 Introduction to Information Processing 3
GRT 112 Digital Imaging for Graphics Technology 3
GRT 212 Graphic Arts Processes 3
GRT 242 Introduction to Graphic Design and Color 3
GRT 342 Screen Printing and Post-Press Operation 3
GRT 362 Estimating and Scheduling for Graphics Technology 3
GRT 442 Print Production 3
GRT 462 Advanced Graphic Arts Techniques 3

Directed Electives (9 credits)                                                            

Selected in consultation with advisor

Specialization in Networking Technology

Advisor: K. Tracey (860-832-1842)

The networking technology specialization prepares individuals to enter into the evolving world of information technology, dealing with computer hardware and software, as well as the peripheral devices closely associated with computer-based systems. The curriculum focuses on local and wide area network design, administration, and internet technologies. Analytically based mathematics, computer science, electronics, and business courses round out the program.

Specialization Requirements (28 credits)

CEGT 200 Seminar 1
CET 113 Introduction to Information Processing 3
CET 223  Basic Electrical Circuits  3
CET 229 Computer Hardware Architecture 3
CET 249 Introduction to Networking Technology 3
CET 339 Computer System Administration 3
CET 349 Networking Devices 3
CET 363 Digital Circuits 3
CET 449 Advanced Networking 3
CET 479 Internet Technologies 3

Directed Electives (11 credits)

Selected in consultation with advisor

Note: A minor is not required for this major.

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