Major in Electronics Technology, BS (122 credits)

Advisor: D. Zanella (860-832-1841)

Accredited by NAIT

This degree prepares students to work as a member of an engineering team in applied design, product development, manufacturing, maintenance, or technical support/sales services in the electrical and electronic industries, which include telecommunications, control systems, manufacturing of electromechanical devices and computer services. There is a graduation requirement of a capstone assessment during a student's final year of study.

Core Requirements (24 credits)

TM 190Introduction to Quality Assurance 3
TM 310Industrial Safety 3
TM 362Leadership Skills for Supervisors 3
TM 401Industrial Internship 3
MGT 295Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior3
ENG 403 Technical Writing 3
AC 210 Principles of Industrial Accounting 3
MKT 295 Fundamentals of Marketing 3

Specialization Requirements (30 credits)

CEGT 200Seminar1
CET 113 Introduction to Information Processing3
CET 223 Basic Electrical Circuits3
CET 233 Advanced Electrical Circuits3
CET 323 Electronic Circuits3
CET 363 Digital Circuits3
CET 443 Electronic Communication3
CET 453 Microcomputers3
EMEC 303 Electromechanical Converters3
MFG 121 Technical Drafting & CAD3
CS 151Computer Science I3

CS 213Applications of Computing I3

Directed Electives (8 credits)

Chosen with an advisor.

General Education Requirements (44-46 credits)

ENG 110Freshman Composition3
COMM 140Public Speaking3
STAT 104Elementary Statistics3
MATH 115Trigonometry3
ECON 201Principles of Economics II3
CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry3
PHYS 111 Introductory Physics I3

Note: A minor is not required for this major.

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