Major in Theatre with Specialization in Design and Technical Theatre, BFA (65 credits):

Core (52 credits)

TH 111Stagecraft3
TH 117Lighting3
TH 121Costuming3
TH 126Makeup I2
TH 211Rendering and Drawing for the Stage3
TH 213Scene Painting I3
TH 217Sceno-Graphic Techniques3
TH 251Stage Management2
TH 253Script Analysis for Theatre3
TH 316Scene Design3
TH 318Lighting Design3
TH 333Period Styles3
TH 375 History of Theatre I3
TH 376History of Theatre II3
ART 130 Drawing I3
ART 110 Introduction to Art History3

and 6 credits from the following:
TH 481Projects: Scenery1-3
TH 485Projects: Lighting3
TH 486Projects: Sound3
TH 488Projects: Directing1-3
TH 491Projects: Technical Direction3
TH 492Projects: Stage Management3
TH 493 Theatre Internship3-6
Directed Electives (13 credits)
Chosen from other theatre courses or from courses in related fields in consultation with advisor
A minor is not required with this major.
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