Minor in General Science (Certifiable for secondary teaching, 43 credits)

Restricted to students with a major in biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics.

32 credits in science as follows:

BIO 121General Biology I4
BIO 122General Biology II4
CHEM 161General Chemistry I3
CHEM 162General Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 163General Chemistry II3
CHEM 164General Chemistry II Lab1
PHYS 121General Physics I4
PHYS 122General Physics II4
ESCI 121Physical Geology4

and 4 credits from the following:
BIO 318Anatomy & Physiology I4
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I3

CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I Lab1
PHYS 325Optics4

In addition, students must complete the following:
SCI 416Educational Technology in Secondary Science3
SCI 417Teaching of Science in the Secondary School3
SCI 419Student Teaching Seminar1
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