Major in Mathematics, BS (Certifiable for elementary teaching, 33 credits)

Core (21-22 credits)

MATH 113Structures of Mathematics I: Number Systems3
MATH 213Structure of Mathematics II: Probability & Geometry3
MATH 305Structure of Mathematics III: Number Patterns3
MATH 306Structures of Mathematics IV: Development of Geometric Ideas3
MATH 409Mathematics through Computers3
STAT 215Statistics for Behavioral Sciences3
MATH 125 Applied Calculus3

MATH 152Calculus I4

Directed Electives (11-12 credits)

MATH 110Finite Mathematics3
MATH 115Trigonometry3
MATH 116Pre-Calculus Mathematics (formerly MATH 121)3
MATH 119Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry4
MATH 120Problem Solving I1
MATH 211Clinical Experience in Mathematics Education I1
MATH 218Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 221Calculus II4
MATH 307Topics in Elementary Mathematics1-3
MATH 344Mathematics in Diverse Cultures3
STAT 216Statistics for Behavioral Sciences II3

Note: Majors should consult with the School of Education and Professional Studies concerning additional education requirements.

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