Major in Mathematics, BS (Certifiable for secondary teaching, 48 credits)

MATH 120Problem Solving I1
MATH 152Calculus I4
MATH 211Clinical Experience in Mathematics Education I1
MATH 218Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 220Problem Solving II1
MATH 221Calculus II4
MATH 228Introduction to Linear Algebra4
MATH 313Number Systems from an Advanced Viewpoint3
MATH 320Problem Solving III1
MATH 327Curriculum & Technology in Secondary Mathematics I3
MATH 328Curriculum & Technology

in Secondary Mathematics II3
MATH 366Introduction to Abstract Algebra4
MATH 377Introduction to Real Analysis4
MATH 383College Geometry3
STAT 314Introductory Statistics for Secondary Teachers3


and 5 additional credits from:
MATH 222Calculus III4
MATH 250Symbolic Computation4
MATH 311Clinical Experience in Mathematics Education II1
MATH 344Mathematics in Diverse Cultures3
MATH 355Introduction to Differential Equations with Applications4
MATH 411Clinical Experience in Mathematics Education III1
MATH 421History of Mathematics3
MATH 440Selected Topics in Mathematics1-3
MATH 465  Introduction to Fractal Geometry and Chaos3
MATH 468Symbolic Logic3
MATH 469Number Theory3
MATH 470Mathematical Methods in Operations Research3
MATH 477Numerical Analysis3
MATH 491Advanced Calculus3
STAT 315Mathematical Statistics I3
STAT 416Mathematical Statistics II3
STAT 453Applied Statistical Inference3
STAT 455Experimental Design3
STAT 456Fundamentals of SAS3
STAT 465Nonparametric Statistics3


In addition, students are required to take:

CHEM 161General Chemistry I3
CHEM 162General Chemistry Lab I1
CHEM 163General Chemistry II3
CHEM 164General Chemistry II Lab1

PHYS 125 University Physics I4
PHYS 126 University Physics II4





CS 151Computer Science I3

CS 213Applications of Computing I3

Upon acceptance into the professional program in teacher education students are required to complete a 30-credit program consisting of:

SPED 315Introduction to Educating Learners with Exceptionalities3
EDTE 316Principles of Learning (Sec/K-12)4
RDG 440Literacy in Secondary School3
EDF 415Educational Foundations3
EDSC 425Principles of Secondary Education3
MATH 413 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School4
   (taken concurrently with EDSC 425 and RDG 440)
EDSC 435Secondary Education Student Teaching3-9
MATH 426 Student Teaching Seminar1
   (taken concurrently with EDSC 435)

No minor is required for students with this major.

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