Major in Mathematics with Specialization in Statistics, BA (58 credits)

MATH 152Calculus I4
MATH 218Discrete Mathematics4
MATH 221Calculus II4
MATH 222Calculus III4
MATH 228Introduction to Linear Algebra4
MATH 366Introduction to Abstract Algebra4

MATH 377Introduction to Real Analysis4
STAT 215Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I3
STAT 315Mathematical Statistics I3
STAT 416Mathematical Statistics II3
STAT 216 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences II3

STAT 453Applied Statistical Inference3

2 courses chosen from:
STAT 425Loss and Frequency Distributions

and Credibility Theory3
STAT 455Experimental Design3
STAT 456Fundamentals of SAS3
STAT 465Nonparametric Statistics3
STAT 476Topics in Statistics3
ACTL 335Theory of Interest3
ACTL 465Actuarial Models I4
ACTL 466Actuarial Models II4
ACTL 481Review-SOA/CAS Course I3
MATH 470Mathematical Methods in Operations Research3

16 credits selected from the courses listed above or from the following:

MATH 300Mathematics Internship3
MATH 491Advanced Calculus3
CS 151Computer Science I (strongly recommended)3
CS 152Computer Science II3
CS 253Data and File Structures3
CS 473Simulation Techniques3
BIO 405Ecology4
ECON 460Economic Forecasting3
ECON 485Econometrics3
GEOG 476Advanced Cartography3
PSY 222Research Methods in Psychology II4
PSY 451Psychological Evaluation3

Note: No minor is required for students choosing this major.

Note: CS 151 is strongly recommended.

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