Major in History, BS (Certifiable for secondary teaching of history and social studies, 57 credits)

HIST 121World Civilization I3
HIST 122World Civilization II3
HIST 301 The Historical Imagination3
   (taken prior to the first 400-level history course)
12 credits of 300-level U.S. history surveys
HIST 490 Senior Seminar3
    (taken after 24 credits of history courses, including HIST 301 and 6 credits of history courses at the 400-level)

6 credits of European history above the 100 level

6 credits of non-western history above the 100 level. (3 of the 6 credits must appear on the state-approved non-western history course list.)

12 credits in 400-level history courses

and 12 credits in social science from the following:

PS 104The World’s Political Systems3

PS 110American Government & Politics3
ECON 200Principles of Economics I
ECON 201Principles of Economics II3
SOC 110Introductory Sociology3

Related Requirements

ANTH 140Introduction to Anthropology3
GEOG 110  
Introduction to Geography3

GEOG 120World Regional Geography3

For additional course requirements in education, consult with the School of Education and Professional Studies.

No minor is required of students in this major.

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