Honors Program

Honors students are required to complete the following 36 credits of courses, which are offered over a three-year period and are available only to honors program students.

Western Culture
HON 110  Western Culture I 4
HON 210  Western Culture II: Topics in Western Culture 4
HON 250 Western/World Culture III: Comparative Topics 4

Science and Society
HON 120  Science and Society I 4
HON 220  Science and Society II: Social Sciences and Society 4

World Cultures
HON 130  World Cultures I 4
HON 230  World Cultures II: Topics in World Cultures 4

Writing and Research
HON 140  Writing and Research I 4
HON 440  Writing and Research II 1
HON 441  Writing and Research III: Honors Thesis 2
HON 442 Writing and Research IV: Thesis Workshop 1
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