Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

18 credits with at least nine credits on the 300-400 level. Students whose needs are not met by available courses may take up to three credits of independent study (WGSS 469), three credits of internship (WGSS 430), and three credits of WGSS 390 Topics in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, pending approval of the appropriate department chair and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies coordinator. At least one course (three credits) must be taken from three of the four areas listed, which may also have WGSS designators, as well as WGSS 200, and 15 credits from:


PHIL 222Philosophy of Gender3
WGSS 400Feminist Theory3

ISCI 118Women's Contributions to Science3
HIST 330History of Women in the United States, 1620-18653
HIST 331History of Women in the United States, 1865-Present3
HIST 335Women, Marriage, and Family in Early Modern Europe3

ANTH 350Men and Women in Different Cultures3
COMM 380Women and Film3
COMM 435Images of Gender in the Media3
ENG 215Introduction to Women Writers3

PS 241Women and American Law3
PSY 448Psychology of Women3
PSY 390Human Sexuality3
SOC 240The Sociology of Gender3
SOC 350Gay & Lesbian Communities3
SOC 445Social Construction of Sexuality3

The following courses will apply as approved by the women, gender, and sexuality studies advisory committee:
PHIL 100Search in Philosophy3
PHIL 382Special Topics in Philosophy3

ART 490Curatorship3
ENG 214Studies in International Literature3
ENG 448Studies in American Literature3
ENG 458Studies in British Literature3
ENG 488Studies in World Literature3
HUM 250Topics in European Literature3

COMM 495Special Topics in Communication3
PSY 498Topics in Psychology3

WGSS 390by topic 3
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