Minor in African-American Studies (21 credits)

AFAM 110Introduction to African-American Studies3
HIST 369African-American History3
HIST 469African-Americans in the 20th Century3
PHIL 360African-American Philosophy3

and 9 credits from any of the following: 
HIST 497African History Through Film 3
HIST 497African-American Women's History3
HUM 490African Civilization: A Voyage into the Past and

REL 361African-American Religion3
ART 100Search in Art3
ENG 212African-American Literature3
ENG 345Modern African-American Literature3
CRM 478Gender, Race, and Crime3
SOC 322Race and Ethnic Relations3
ANTH 200Dimensions of Diversity and Inequality3
ANTH 352Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity3
ANTH 401City Life & Culture3
ANTH 420African Diaspora Archaeology3
ANTH 424Peoples and Cultures of Africa3
PHIL 100Search in Philosophy3
HIST 100Search in History3
HIST 395Topics in History3
PSY 430Psychology of Diversity3
COMM 320History of African-American Speakers3
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