Major in Biology, BS (Certifiable for teaching grades 7-12, 32-34 credits in biology)

BIO 121 General Biology I 4
BIO 122 General Biology II 4
BIO 200 Integrative Biology 4
BIO 290 Biology Research Experience I 2
BIO 390 Biology Research Experience II 1


Animal Diversity Elective

One of the following:

BIO 322 Vertebrate Zoology 4
BIO 420 Ornithology 4
BIO 421 Marine Invertebrate Biology 4
BIO 469 Entomology 4

Plant Diversity Elective

One of the following:

BIO 326 Mushrooms, Mosses & More 4
BIO 327 Vascular Plants 4
BIO 425 Aquatic Plant Biology 4
BIO 444 Plant Taxonomy 3

Genetics/Microbiology Elective

One of the following:

BIO 402 Evolutionary & Ecological Genetics 3
BIO 315 Microbial Ecology 4
BMS 306 Genetics 4
BMS 316 Microbiology 4


Physiology Elective

4 credits from the following:

BIO 318 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 319 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO 331 Neurobiology 4
BIO 410 Ecological Physiology 4
BIO 412 Human Physiology 3
BIO 413 Human Physiology Lab 1
BIO 449 Plant Physiology 3
BIO 450 Investigations in Plant Physiology 1
BIO 481 Skeletal Biology 4

Ecology/Evolution Elective

3-4 credits from the following:

BIO 405  Ecology 4
BIO 434 Ecology of Inland Waters 4
BIO 440 Evolution 3
BIO 470 Field Studies in Biology 1-4
BIO 480 Animal Behavior 3

At least one course in BIO or BMS must be at the 400-level. Please note that upper-level BMS courses require BMS 201, which can count as an elective in the biology major.


Required Courses

MATH 124 Applied Calculus with Trigonometry 4
MATH 152 Calculus I 4
MATH 125 Applied Calculus 3
MATH 115 Trigonometry 3
CHEM 161 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 162 General Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEM 163 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 164 General Chemistry II Lab 1
CHEM 250 Basic Organic and Biochemistry 4
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
PHYS 121 General Physics I 4
PHYS 122 General Physics II 4
PHYS 125 University Physics I 4
PHYS 126 University Physics II 4
EDTE 316 Principals of Learning (Sec/K-12) 4
EDF 415 Educational Foundations 3
SPED 315 Introduction to Educating Learners with Exceptionalities 3
EDSC 425 Principles of Secondary Education 3
EDSC 435 Secondary Education Student Teaching 3-9
SCI 416 Educational Technology in Secondary Science 1
SCI 417 Teaching of Science in the Secondary School 3
SCI 419 Student Teaching Seminar 1
SCI 420 History and Nature of Science 3
RDG 440 Literacy in Secondary School 3

This major is designed for students who wish to teach biology at the secondary level. The program includes consideration of all major concepts and areas of biology. Within some of the areas, students may select different courses to build on knowledge gained in their first and second years of study. Students are continuously encouraged to see connections in biological events from the standpoint of all sciences. The specialization also includes a professional education component. Because of the breadth of required courses, it is also possible for students in secondary education to enter a variety of other careers in research, health, and industry, as well as graduate study.

A student who majors in biology is not required to complete a minor but is urged to minor in one of the other laboratory sciences or general science.


Portfolio Requirement

All majors in the Department of Biology are required to complete a student portfolio. Minimally, the student portfolio must include a current resume, a current Student Graduation Evaluation (available from the Department of Biology) or transcript, a narrative describing the student's goals for undergraduate education and graduate educational or career plans, and writing samples from one or more upper-level courses in the major. To fulfill the portfolio requirement in biology, the student portfolio must be reviewed with one or more faculty members in biology as a course requirement in BIO 200, as a required component of BIO 390, 391, 491, and all independent studies and internships, and prior to application for graduation, as evidenced by submission of a Portfolio Requirement Completed form (available from the Department of Biology and signed by the major advisor) to the biology chair.

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