What are the requirements for transferring to CCSU?


As a transfer student interested in pre-nursing, you should have a minimum of a 3.00 GPA, a “C” or better in all science courses required for the nursing program, if completed, a grade of “C+” or higher in CHEM 161,162: General Chemistry I or its equivalent, and a “B-” or better in any nursing courses previously taken.


What are the chances of being accepted into the nursing program as a transfer student?


The Admissions Office reviews applications and determines admission to CCSU pre-nursing based on the above admission criteria. Please note that admission to both pre-nursing and the nursing major is highly competitive.


What are the pre-requisites required for admission?


The CCSU nursing program is designed to run over three years. There are no specific pre-requisites required for admission to pre- nursing. For freshman applicants, achieving a 550 or higher on the math section of the SAT or a 24 on the math requirement for the ACT will allow you to enroll in CHEM 161, 162, which is one pre-requisite for admission to the nursing major. To view all criteria for admission to the nursing major, please click on the admission requirements link.


***Please note that regardless of how many transfer credits you may have, it will still take you three years to complete the program. Because the nursing courses run over 3 years, this is true even for students who already have a baccalaureate degree.


Where can I schedule an appointment to have someone review my coursework?


The Nursing Department does not review course work or transcripts prior to application through the admissions office. Application to the University provides the opportunity for formal review and acceptance of coursework taken elsewhere.


What happens if my GPA is not a 3.00 and I am therefore not admitted to the Pre-Nursing program? May I still attend CCSU and reapply to the program the following year?


You may be admitted to CCSU with a different major and not be admitted as pre-nursing major. Once you meet the pre- nursing admission criteria, you can request a change of major on a space-available basis.


Where do the students do their clinical rotations?


The Nursing department has developed contracts for students’ clinical placements with several hospitals and health care agencies in the greater Hartford area.



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