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International & Area Studies at CCSU offers an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to understanding global social, political, economic, and cultural issues.  As part of our annual Lecture Series we invite University faculty, researchers, and other professionls to address how these issues affect diverse regions, peoples, and cultures of the world.  In the past we have examined state terrorism, the effects of war on women and children, and environmental issues and violent conflicts leading to internally displaced peoples and refugee resettlement.  Other topis include aid programs, social memory, social movements, and reconstruction. 

This academic year we focus on Global Others with a collection of lectures and speakers representing the marginalized communities of our world. For more information about our featured presentations this spring, please explore the links below:

                                    (no events are scheduled at this time)




International & Area Studies  l  417 Social Sciences Hall or 303-2 Emma Hart Willard  l  1615 Stanley St.  l  New Britain CT-06050  l  IASmailbox@ccsu.edu

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