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Academic Advisor’s Quick Troubleshooting Guide*

General Education

Study Area I – Must include a literature course at the 200-level or higher.

Study Area I and Study Area II – May include no more than 6 credits in any one discipline.

Study Area IV – One course must include a lab.

Skill Area II -  Mathematics – 6 credits (beyond Math 101).  One course must be Math or Statistics; the second may be CS 110, CS 113, CS 151 or CS 207, but  NOT CS 115.

Skill Area IV and PE 144

PE 144 (formerly 244) is required of all students entering CCSU with fewer than 15 credits, and it is recommended that it be taken in the student’s first year.  Transfer students entering with 15 credits or more must also complete the Skill Area IV requirement with 2-3 additional credits in the Skill Areas or with any other Skill Area IV courses including PE 144 (see list in catalog). Per the catalog, “Remedial courses (Math 099 and ENG 099), MATH 101 and elementary language courses (111 or 112) will not fulfill this requirement.”

Foreign Language Proficiency – 3 years of one language in High School (through Level III) or through 112 level at CCSU or demonstrated proficiency in a language other than English.

International requirement – Students must complete 6 credits in courses designated as International (I).

Repeat Policy – Since Fall 2003, students may repeat any course up to a total of 17 credits. Repeated courses must be taken at CCSU and have the exact same course number (if Topics course, the exact same topic).  Both grades will appear on the transcript, but only the most recent grade will be computed in the GPA. Grades in repeated courses beyond 17 credits (since Fall 2003) will be averaged (although the credits will only count once).

Waiver of Minor for Transfer Students

Students who complete an Associates Degree from a Community College in Connecticut may be eligible to have the minor requirement waived if the Associates Degree is in a “subject area” (not General Studies) other than the student’s major at CCSU.

Remedial Courses

Students who need to take a remedial course (MATH 099, ENG 099) must do so within their first 24 credits at CCSU or they will not be allowed to continue at CCSU or any other university in the CSU system (per BOT resolution effective Fall 2004). While credits received for Math 099 and/or ENG 099 are included in the student’s total earned credits and computed into the GPA, they are not counted as academic credit toward graduation and should be subtracted when evaluating a student’s progress toward graduation.

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