Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Academic Advising

Upon formal admission to a graduate program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor. All students are encouraged to seek regular advice from their advisors about registration and course selection, progress toward degree completion, and opportunities for career development and further study. Students must consult with their advisors before registration for course work prior to the submission of official planned programs of study. The official planned program of graduate study, designed by the student and his or her advisor, must be submitted and approved prior to completion of 16 credits of course work. Students must have an official planned program on file with Graduate Studies in order to complete their capstone requirements and to graduate.

A student may request a faculty advisor other than the one assigned by his or her department. To request a new advisor, a student must complete a “Request for Change of Major, Degree and/or Advisor” form, available in the offices of the School of Graduate Studies or the Enrollment Center/Office of Continuing Education or on the web at The student should submit the request to change his or her advisor to the Office of the School of Graduate Studies. Changes of advisor are not automatic; however, to the extent that individual faculty schedules permit, student requests for advisors will be honored. Pre-admission advising is available in each school and in the offices of the academic departments during fall and spring academic semesters.
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