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Management Information Systems

Department Overview

The management information systems (MIS) program prepares graduates for advanced graduate study and careers in organizations as information systems specialists focusing in the areas of application programming, data base administration, information systems management, and systems analysis and design.

The program emphasizes the importance of information as an organizational resource to be managed for the generation of timely, quality information for business decision making. The use of information to make decisions in the areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing of an enterprise is stressed.

The field of Management Information Systems (MIS) encompasses the analysis, design, implementation, and management of information systems. MIS is an integral part to enable company activities, including management and decision-making. The emphasis of the major is on preparing information specialists in systems, data management, operations, and functional areas including accounting, management, finance, and other major business areas.

The Department of Management Information Systems offers the following programs:

Management Information Systems (MIS)
Minor in Management Information Systems


Companies that have recruited our graduates include, but are not limited to:

CCSU is provided with the use of VP-UML, SDE-EC, SDE-NB, SDE-IJ, SDE-VS, BPVA, AG for educational purpose by the Academic Partner Program from Visual Paradigm 
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Our students have found jobs both locally in Connecticut, and in many other states. Typical job title, includes:

- business consultant - business analyst
- project manager - professional services engineer
- systems administrator - network administrator
- webmaster/web developer - applications developer
- applications support engineer - plus various business functional positions

MIS Alums have reported starting salaries between $40,000.00 to $55,000.00 annually. Many of our graduates have been recruited into corporate leadership program at major Connecticut corporations immediately after graduation.


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Interested in Management Information Systems?

Department Chairperson
Dr. Marianne D'Onofrio
Office: VAC 44901
(860) 832-3290

MIS Faculty

Our M.I.S. faculty members are highly qualified. They have had practical experiences which they are able to apply in the classroom. Through their dedication in teaching and research, our faculty strives to help students to achieve academic and professional success in the various positions of the M.I.S. field.

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Management Information Systems Leads the Way: Partnering with Connecticut Based Businesses
Adapted from an article first printed in the New Britain Herald on April 1, 2013

(Marianne D’Onofrio, New Britain, CT) The Management Information Systems (MIS) department within the
School of Business at CCSU recently joined with The Hartford in piloting The Hartford’s first Technical Case Competition.
The MIS department stepped up to the plate and facilitated the formation of interdisciplinary student teams for
the competition. Five teams of students majoring in six CCSU departments (Accounting, Computer Science, Finance,
Management, Management Information Systems, and Computer Engineering & Graphics Technology) spanning three
schools (School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Engineering and Technology) competed in
solving a technical business problem posed by The Hartford’s Technology Leadership Development Program Case
Competition Team.
The business problem required competing teams to build a web application for the Blue Devil Financial Services
Corporation (BDFS). The CCSU teams worked diligently for two weeks building the application, which required a
business implementation plan, web page, and an illustration of how information would be passed to a database. The
teams presented their final product to five judges within the Architecture area of The Hartford. The winning team
presented a fully functional application and was complemented by the judges on their ability to clearly present both
their understanding of the business problem and technology. Members of the team were: Nicholas D’Onofrio, Suzanne

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