Fall 2014 Registration

Graduate Students


Advisement & Registration Dates

Fall 2014 Semester dates:  August 28 - December 17

Fall 2014 Advisement begins March 24 (for students who do not have an official planned program)

Fall 2014 Registration begins April 4 at 8:30 a.m.

Registration is unavailable one week: April 22 - 27


Important Note: the Fall 2014 Schedule of Courses are available for viewing online at www.ccsu.edu/courses 


For newly accepted students

View the checklist: "Once You Are Accepted"

Full Time New Transfer & Readmit students must first pay the Confirmation Fee once accepted.  Part Time students do not need to pay the Confirmation Fee.

Once confirmed, click here to create your BlueNet account. Your BlueNet account is used to access systems on CentralPipeline, such as WebCentral-Banner Web (for Registration, Grades, Transcripts), Outlook web email and calendar, Blackboard, and your M:/ drive files.



Students who have filed an official planned program

Graduate students who have an official planned program of study approved and on file with the School of Graduate Studies prior to March 21, 2014 are not required to see their advisor and do not need an Alternate PIN (Personal Identification Number).


Students who have not yet filed an official planned program

Graduate students who have not yet filed a planned program of study by March 21 must follow these steps.

  1. You must see your advisor during the academic advisement period from Monday, March 24 through Friday, April 4.  Please make sure you make your course selections for the Spring as well as complete and submit an official planned program of study during your meeting.  (Graduate policy state that the Planned Program must be submitted no later than having earned 16 credits but the sooner this is filed the better protection graduate students have for any changes made to the program.)

  2. It will be necessary to obtain an Alternate PIN from your advisor before you will be allowed to register.  Please note that the Alternate PIN will only be available from your department advisors.  New Alternate PINs are assigned each semester.  Those provided for last Spring 2014 registration will not work for this upcoming Fall 2014 semester.  (Note also that the registrar will not turn off the Alternate PIN Number requirement.  Thus, students with no Planned Programs who wait to register late or after the Spring semester may encounter delays if faculty advisors are not available to assist them.)

Prior to meeting with your academic advisor it may be helpful to complete the following tasks:

  • Bring an unofficial planned program sheet with you.  If you do not have one, please get one from your department or from the Graduate Office, Barnard 102.

  • Print a copy of your unofficial transcript from CentralPipeline/WebCentral-Banner Web.  (Once logged in, click on the Registration/Records tab, then on Unofficial Transcript.)

  • Update your academic progress in the appropriate spaces on your unofficial planned program sheet.

  • Form initial decisions about the courses you would like to take for the Fall 2014 semester.  The Fall 2014 Schedule of Courses will be available in mid-March online at www.ccsu.edu/courses



Registration begins Friday, April 4 at 8:30 a.m. for matriculated graduate students.

Click here to create your BlueNet account, if you have not already done so.   

Check for any holds that may prevent registration, such as past due balances and health holds.  You can check your registration holds and status by logging into WebCentral-Banner Web on CentralPipeline.  On the Registration/Records tab, click Check Your Registration Status.)

To register, log into WebCentral-Banner Web with your BlueNet account.  On the Registration/Records tab, click Registration, Add/Drop Classes.

All students will need to verify their permanent address, submit a name and address of someone as your emergency contact, and supply a local address (if you have one) before proceeding to registration.

A student who has received at least a Bachelor's degree form an accredited higher education institution is considered a graduate level student and is assesses the graduate tuition and fee rates for course credit regardless of the course level.

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