How to minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies:

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary program concerned with issues that affect people due to their gender or sexual identity. The minor allows students to take courses in various departments that will enrich their lives as they explore topics such as the meanings of femininity and masculinity, sexual orientation, gender roles in society, sex, feminism, and global gender issues.


Visit one of the program coordinators to get oriented in the program.  The 2012-2013 program coordinators are Dr. Kristine Larsen ( or Dr. Carolyn Fallahi (


 Requirements for the Minor

1.  Visit the program coordinators, Dr. Carolyn Fallahi or Dr. Kristine Larsen, to get oriented in the program.

2.  Take the two required courses when it is appropriate and fits into your schedule:  WGSS 200 (Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and WGSS 400, Feminist Theory.  

3.  Take an additional 12 credits in the WGSS list of courses.   Of these 12 credits, 6 must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.  Be aware that up to 3 credits of independent study can be arranged.


WGSS118 (ISCI 118);                                                                             

WGSS 215 (ENG 215);                                                                           

WGSS 222 (PHIL 222);                                                                         

WGSS 240 (SOC 240);                                                                           

WGSS 241 (PS 241);                                                                                

WGSS 288 (ENG 288);                                                                                               

WGSS 330 (HIST 330);                                                                          

WGSS 331 (HIST 331);                                                                          

WGSS 334 (HIST 334);                                                                          

WGSS 335 (HIST 335);                                                                         

WGSS 350 (ANTH 350);                                                                        

WGSS 351 (SOC 350);                                                                          

WGSS 380 (COMM 380);                                                                       

WGSS 390 (Topics in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; can be taught by any department);                                                                                            

WGSS 391 (PSY 390);                                                                           

WGSS 400 (SOC 400; PHIL 400; could be taught by different departments);                                                                                          

WGSS 416 (COMM 416) = newly changed to COMM/WGSS 316 (Gender and Communication);  

WGSS 420 (SOC 420): Gender and Education (newly added);                                                                    

WGSS 430 (Internship in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies);

WGSS 435 (COMM 435);

WGSS 445 (SOC 445);

WGSS 448 (PSY 448);

WGSS 469.


*If you have a question about another course counting for WGSS credit, please contact the coordinator.

Arts and Culture:

ART 409           Studies in Art History: Women and Art

COMM 435      Images of Gender in the Media

ENG 215          Introduction to Women’s Writers

ENG 288          Studies in Literature: 20th Century American Women's Autobiography

ENG 448          Studies in American Literature: American Women Writers/Louisa May Alcott/American Mysticism

ENG 458          Studies in British Literature: Women Writers in Great Britain/The Expanding Canon

ENG 488          Studies in World Literature: 20th Century Women Writers

HUM 150        Topics in European Literature



HIST 330          History of Women in the US, 1620-1865

HIST 331          History of Women in the US,  1865 to present

HIST 335          Women, Marriage and Family in Early Modern Europe

HIST 429          Women and Reform in American Society 1870-1920



ANTH 350      Men and Women in Different Cultures

COMM 495    Special Topics in Communication

PS 241            Women and American Law

PSY 448          Psychology of Women

PSY 498         Topics in Psychology

SOC 240         Sociology of Gender

SOC 212         Race, Class and Gender



PHIL 100         Search in Philosophy

PHIL 222         Philosophy of Gender

PHIL 382         Special Topics in Philosophy



CRM 325            Victimology

CRM 330            Domestic Violence

ISCI 118              Women's Contributions to the Sciences

PHIL 341/ HHSP 341       Ethical Concerns of the Female Patient

SPAN 434           Women Writers of the Spanish-Speaking World


Graduate Courses:

PSY 571                             Psychology of Women’s Health

ED 550                               Gender and Education



At least nine credits must be at the 300-400 level, and no more than nine credits can be

from any one discipline. Special topic courses may also be used pending approval of

the appropriate department chair and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Please note:  All of these courses are cross listed.  You cannot take both the WGSS version of the course and the department version, e.g. WGSS 416 and COMM 416.  Further, you cannot count WGSS courses for both your WGSS minor and your major.  Make sure that you consult with an advisor if you have any additional questions!



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