Graduate Catalog 2010-12

Re-Entry Admissions

A full-time student who has been accepted but who does not attend is subsequently withdrawn from their requested program. To be considered for readmission, the student must complete a Request for Reactivation form.

Full-time and part-time students who are denied admission or who are withdrawn, wishing to reactivate an application, must do so by completing a Request for Reactivation form if the request is submitted within two years of the initial application. An additional application fee is not required in this instance; however, submission of official transcripts from any additional institutions attended after the initial application will be required. If the reactivation is not requested within the two year period, students must then complete a new graduate application, pay the application fee, and re-submit all official transcripts to the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office directly from each institution where courses were taken.

After two years of not being registered for classes, both full time and part time graduate students will be notified that they are in danger of becoming inactive and being dropped from their programs, unless they register for courses in the next semester. Once students are made inactive, they must submit a Re-Enrollment request form and pay a re-enrollment fee of $50 to continue in the program. Students may also need to pay a $40 continuation fee required by the Graduate Studies Office if they are enrolled in their capstone thesis, special project, or comprehensive examination. Any semesters in which the student has not taken course work still continue to count toward the six-year time limit for completing the graduate degree program. Only students in good standing (3.00 graduate GPA or higher) are considered for reenrollment. Students may request reactivation or reenrollment when their programs have not been completed.

If a former student wishes to enter a new program once his/her original program is completed, a new application (including the application fee and official transcripts from any additional institutions) must be filed. Good standing status on the accumulated graduate record (3.00 or higher GPA) also applies to such students.


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