Graduate Catalog 2010-12

About the Catalog

The content of this catalog is provided for the information of the student. It accurately reflects the policies and procedures of Central Connecticut State University as of June 28, 2010, but is subject to change as deemed appropriate by the University. Any such changes may be implemented without prior notice and, unless specified otherwise, are effective when made.  Accordingly, students should be aware that additional requirements may be imposed for certification or licensure if such requirements are imposed by outside licensing or accrediting agencies. A major or program may be subject to revision to reflect such additional requirements.

Graduate students entering the University from fall 2010 through spring 2012 should follow the programs outlined in their planned programs of study and approved by their graduate advisors.

The information in this catalog is in effect until a new graduate catalog is issued in June 2012.

Printer friendly copies of the content of this catalog may be printed using the printer utility (icon) near the top of each page.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Questions concerning the catalog may be directed to the

The catalog is produced by the Office of Marketing & Communications, Central Connecticut State University.
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